PML example: corroborating identical pdf files

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(draft example; see iw:PML Primer for an introduction to PML.)

by: Tim Lebo

While researching the Tobacco Use Supplement - Current Population Survey, I gathered documentation from and, but only got raw data from Despite the fact that they are the original source, the raw data is not easily accessible from When calling the Census Bureau, the representative pointed me to I pressed forward with the data available, although I would have liked to get it directly from the Census Bureau.

Upon noticing an identical file name, I tried:

bash-3.2$ cmp /source/census-gov/cps-supplement/version/2007-Jan/source/cpsjan07.pdf /source/nber-org/cps-tobacco-use/version/2007-Jan/source/cpsjan07.pdf 

to confirm that the files were the same.

Provenance of the cpsjan07.pdf from census bureau corroborates provenance of cpsjan07.pdf from and lends credibility to's cpsjan07.ddf

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