PML example: RDFizing ScraperWiki's CSV

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(draft example; see iw:PML Primer for an introduction to PML.)

by: Tim Lebo


Introduction allows users to author python code to scrape specific web pages for data, and then provides the result in CSV format. This CSV data can then be converted to RDF using something like

An example

The lineage of the oil well data:

The process to document

The interesting thing about this process is that the initial source appears to be less trustworthy ("who's"), but process documentation would show that the data came from the UK government. Also, the RDF version would be hosted at, so there are three levels of indirection.

Another important aspect is that the UK government may want to know what applications are using their data. Process documentation could be queried for information derived from their source.

The process documentation shows when the scraper code was modified and executed.

Another example

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