PML example: HTTP GET - header vs content

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(draft example; see iw:PML Primer for an introduction to PML.)

by: Tim Lebo



Two instances of pmlp:Information can be obtained from the same pmlp:Source. For example, one can request a URL's header and its content separately. If using a pmlp:SourceUsage, the reason for the different results cannot be distinguished. To distinguish this, replace the pmlp:hasReferenceSourceUsage (or pmlj:hasSourceUsage) with pmlj:hasInferenceEngine and pmlj:hasInferenceRule, with (something like) :httpServer and :httpHeaderRequest, respectively. The instance :httpServer would be a pmlp:InferenceEngine and the instance :httpHeaderRequest would be a pmlp:MethodRule. The content information received by the HTTP GET request would be justified with a MethodRule of (:httpContentRequest) instead of :httpHeaderRequest.

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