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(draft example; see iw:PML Primer for an introduction to PML.)

by: Tim Lebo



People spend a lot of time, energy, and money to create, correct, and curate data. This is particularly true for scientific data. As an extreme example, creating a single graph may take up to ten years.

If hard-earned data is reused by third parties without giving credit to those who created it, the creators become upset. Data creators want credit for derivative or republished works.

The development and use of a "credit network" could address this issue.

(We should be giving recommendations on how to publish and consume data using PML so that authors are motivated to publish b/c they know they can get credit with AND without a well-behaved deriver). (how does this relate to creative commons?)

An example

An a priori approach to resolving this issue is for the republisher to give credit.

An a posteriori approach is to permit third parties to annotate the derived work with an association to the individuals and/or organizations that was used.

The process to document

The process documentation

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