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following are PML datasets on the Web. Please use caution because the datasets are subject to change without notice. please contact us for more information.


Justification Metadata

IW Registry

other metadata sources


Introductory encoding for logical justifications

Wine Agent

Introductory encoding for scientific justifications

Combined justifications

Justification for extracted information

Justification for scientific image data derivation

Justification for scientific product simulation

Justification for data conversion

LOGD tabular conversion to RDF

The following query can be used to get all files hosted by LOGD that contain PML. The query can be submitted to to get html, csv, xml, or json results.

prefix void: <>
select distinct ?dumpFile
where {
  graph <>  {
    ?dataset a void:Dataset;
             void:vocabulary <>;
             void:dataDump   ?dumpFile .
order by ?dataset

Some additional discussion about using PML for capturing provenance while promoting CSV to the semantic web (Lebo)

Other justifications

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