IW Meeting 2014-01-10

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IW Meeting 2014-01-10


Meeting Information



Deborah Paulo Tim Cynthia

Regrets: Patrick

Around the room

* Add a section for yourself 2 hours before meeting.
* Mark any discussion point that you would like to raise during meeting (with DURING MEETING).
* Otherwise, assume that others will read the rest before meeting. 
* Also, please be considerate and read others' discussion points before the meeting starts.


  • OPeNDAP+PROV project: https://github.com/tetherless-world/opendap/wiki
    • Set up Prizms on http://opendap.tw.rpi.edu/
    • I'm getting tied into the git2prov team so collaborate on Modeling VCS in PROV.
    • Created 3 datasets to determine attribution of OPeNDAP software modules in https://scm.opendap.org/svn/
      • Up next: walking bte:broader hierarchy to group files / developers by software module. Query with filtering out processed SVN paths.
      • In way: Archaic TWC VMs.
      • Way ahead: Install Virtuoso from sources, based on Hugh's email guidance.
    • Up next: Installing OPeNDAP on opendap.tw
      • In way: Waiting on time with Patrick to walk through this together. The OPeNDAP documentation is very poor.
    • Up next: OPeNDAP provenance use case
      • In way: Need Patrick for what that is. I have some general structures that I'd like to see, but we need to flesh it out.
      • Paulo is interested in helping with the use case. Deborah cc in .
    • Up next: OPeNDAP to return PROV response HTTP Link
      • In way: Need Patrick's knowledge about the OPeNDAP handling pipeline.
  • PML 3 project: https://github.com/timrdf/pml/wiki
    • Reviewed the 8 vocabularies that LOV lists as extending PROV.
      • Jun/Olaf's Provenance Vocabulary is okay, but a bit muddled. They haven't responded to my email query regarding DataItem and File being disjoint (is it about resource representation?), but we had some discussion on prv:Mutable vs prv:Immutable.
      • There's also an NLP vocab that focuses on string manipulations.
      • DERI's COGS vocab models ETL. Lots of good thought on the transformations that occur. I'd give it a 85%, since there's some confusion between prospective and retrospective. Andre and I are discussing some revisions to align it with PROV.
  • DD250 use case
    • Paulo's been sick this week. I just read a document he sent me.


Fixed up SADI implementation, incorporating it into the ReDrugS project https://code.google.com/p/sadi/wiki/BuildingServicesInPython Finishing up ReDrugS paper for CSHALS Working on a proposal for a data coordination and integration center, will have large provenance component Dissertation is making more sense, 3 contributions: FRIR computable identities Using FRIR computable identities and WebID for a distributed digital signature architecture Modeling patient consent in a way takes advantage of the distributed digital signature architecture, ties the consent plans (via prov class extensions) to the WebID-identified person. Will do: Finish up ReDrugS paper Continue work on grant more work on contrib 2




  • DD250 Use Case: develop a use case document.
    • Sent a copy of the document to Tim
    • Would like to mature/refine the document so that we can start talking about PML3
    • Explore the potential use of OPENDAP
  • Would like to discuss the following:
    • how to use other ontologies with PROV (best practices)
      • Tim: this is so straight forward, why does a best practice need to be written?
    • how to specify "PROV" rules
  • SBIR Document: in progress. Will share with Deborah this weekend. Open topics regarding this SBIR:
    • Task plan
    • Abztraction's SOW
    • McGuinness Assoc.'s SOW



· Cisco project – hope to have money for it soon. Discussing after this meeting · NIH data coordination center proposal · Fuse – plans for evaluation (james, Cynthia, and john mostly) · Dataone semantics and provenance vision for reverse site visit and advisory board jan 21-22 and feb 24-25 · Partnerships in innovation proposal


Patrick had questions on the provenance server. Did he get what he needs? Cynthia: nothing to do. TODO: Deborah, Cynthia please document it. Cynthia - generate initial documentation and then initiate a call with patrick to get mutual understanding of the documentation level most appropriate and then complete that set of instructions

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