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IW Meeting 2013-09-12


Meeting Information

IW Meeting 2013-09-19



Jim McCusker

Cynthia Deborah McGuinness

Meeting Preparation

Discussion Jim is having problems loading pml in the newest version 4.3 of protege. cynthia is using 4.3 and does not have problems

need to check out pml from github


scrolling down one sees- https://raw.github.com/timrdf/pml/master/ontology/pml-3.0.owl this is slightly out of date but is built off of the manchester files. it is stable and loadable but a little out of date. (csc: loading confirmed)

To update: git pull

clone using:

git clone https://github.com/timrdf/pml.git

pml/ontology/modules/pml-proof.omn (owl manchester notation) this is the latest development version of pml

csc: loading pml/ontology/pml-3.0.owl...loaded csc: omn file loading...The system could not locate http://provenanceweb.org/ns/pml-base#

       then crash.

this tells me that we need to keep the links PML 3.0 OWL ontology PML 3.0 HTML specification up to date

google for git install for windows

Around the room

* Add a section for yourself 2 hours before meeting.
* Mark any discussion point that you would like to raise during meeting (with DURING MEETING). 
* Otherwise, assume that others will read the rest before meeting. 
* Also, please be considerate and read others' discussion points before the meeting starts.











  • TODO: Remodeling Belief and Trust using PROV's directed qualification pattern. Tim has some initial notes that he thinks can cover the intent of PML-T.

TODO: Jim to figure out why PML3 OMN files don't load in recent Protege versions. (precondition for other Jim tasks) Todo: also update a static link to an owl file of the newer version (once previous version is debugged )

TODO: Jim to add pml:VariableMapping subclass of pml:Map to the ontology.

TODO: Jim to add pml:hasDescriptionTemplate range pml:Template domain Thing.

TODO: Jim to add capableOf domain Agent range Plan - what they can do in the future.

TODO: Jim add pml:wasGeneratedWithPlan property chain prov:wasGeneratedBy o prov:qualifiedAssociation o prov:hadPlan

TODO: Jim add pml:answers from pml:Answer range pml:Query UNION pml:Question subproperty of prov:wasDerivedFrom. pml:Answer min 1 pml:answers.

done: Cynthia to send to the list hasDischarge, we'll pick it up next week.

Example: http://browser.inference-web.org/iwbrowser/NodeSetBrowser?w=900&mg=999&st=Dag&fm=Raw&url=http%3A%2F%2Finference-web.org%2Fproofs%2Ftptp%2FSolutions%2FPUZ%2FPUZ001%2B1%2FEP---1.2%2Fanswer.owl%23answer

Please take a look at nodesets 47 and 48:

You can see the assumption and its negation.

And then take look towards the final conclusion of nodesets 1 and 2:

From nodeset 2 to 1, the refutation rule discharged nodeset 47 to prove nodeset 48.

Also see the summary view (be sure to click the "show" button of the "Justified by") :


TODO: Tim to reconcile pml:Map with prov:Dictionary

TODO: talk about fromAnswer's new name, or if it even stays.

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