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Meeting Preparation

Around the room

* Add a section for yourself 2 hours before meeting.
* Mark any discussion point that you would like to raise during meeting (with DURING MEETING). 
* Otherwise, assume that others will read the rest before meeting. 
* Also, please be considerate and read others' discussion points before the meeting starts.


  • Ray Ferguson finished up the BioPortal PROVO entry: http://bioportal.bioontology.org/ontologies/3131/?p=summary
  • Finishing camera-ready for COLD paper (due Sunday). It's fine, just needs tweaking and TLC.
  • Implemented a property chain materializer for Prizms, since Virtuoso doesn't support it.
    • it reuses the provenance-capturing utilities for executing SPARQL queries and loading RDF into the [same] triple store. So, some named graphs could be tagged as "all inferences in this one".
    • the provenance capture could use some review to update it to PROV (and, PML 3 for Query)
  • Gearing up for developing the information model for a LIDAR processing system, to use PROV and Prizms heavily. Will enable clients to find down-stream processing results, which provide faster access than to recompute on the fly.








  • would love to get an update on status of the spreadsheet and what is needed from the larger group to get to the point that we can get the tech report out with the mappings. I think it was getting close with cynthia and tim looking at a few remaining items.
  • annotator demonstration paper got in to the demo session for iswc
  • had medical things much of the past week


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