IW Meeting 2013-07-25

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IW Meeting 2013-07-25


Meeting Information


  • Administrative
  • MEETING POINTs from Around the Rooms (add 2 hours before meeting)
  • DataOne and ESIP summary
  • ToolMatch
  • OPeNDAP Provenance
  • Prov-ES (Earth Science extension to Prov)

Tim status on spreadsheet and propose.


Tim Cynthia Jim Deborah Patrick West

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

* Add a section for yourself 2 hours before meeting.
* Mark any discussion point that you would like to raise during meeting (with DURING MEETING).
* Otherwise, assume that others will read the rest before meeting.
* Also, please be considerate and read others' discussion points before the meeting starts.


  • Spent week preparing/presenting project review at work, and kicking off another.
    • Only provenance use is [a void:subset hierarchy with sio:count/sio:has-member] prov:wasDerivedFrom [a sd:NamedGraph or void:dataDump ] of datahub.io datasets.
  • Helping Dominic deploy a Prizms node at Southampton for social machines web observatory.
  • Interested in Patrick's PROV-ES extension and his software ontology. (deborah is too)
  • Meeting Cynthia for the hour before IW to discuss PML 3 mappings.


PROV to model evidence in nanopubs.






On VIVO developers telecon, and asking about provenance in the VIVO ontology (Tim: :-) ). There is a lot of interest, but nothing has been done yet. They'd like us to write a use case. Tim: VIVO ontology is a bit (lot?) of a hairball... (agreed by Patrick) Jim McCusker, is there provenance or lineage in CKAN? Tim: yes. e.g. http://datahub.io/dataset/history/twc-ieeevis can be lifted by https://github.com/timrdf/DataFAQs/blob/master/services/sadi/ckan/lift-ckan.py TODO - patrick to send abstract draft for agu submission on something between provenance for opendap / provenance for earth science for review to at least deborah by July 26


  • interested in the prov-es discussions from esip and data-one users group (at esip)


Patrick - brought up the provenance in opendap discussion (continuation of the discussion patrick and deborah had before) in esip meeting - prov-es came up - an earth science extension for prov possibly creating subclasses

ToolMatch: "tools ontology about software, applications that can do certain things, what kind of software can access data" (from http://inference-web.org/wiki/IW_Meeting_2013-07-11) http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/ToolMatch will be picked up by Patrick and Nancy. Tim says this sounds similar to VisKo's planning model ontology (but my concern for VisKo is that it has always been only about data file formats and not the actual content)


(Notes from Tim+Cynthia before meeting)


  • APPROVED to model hasAuthorList with Authorship + atIndex.
    • This is kinda what we do with TW Ontology. hasAuthor -> Author with an index that shows the ordering of the authorship (pcw)
    • Was looking at bibo ontology, and noticed that they use AuthorList instead of Authorship + index (pcw)
  • APPROVED to model hasLanguage with dcterms:language [ a dcterms:LinguisticSystem ]
  • APPROVED to model hasPrettyString with rdfs:label, dcterms:description
    • Isn't there also a prefLabel somewhere? (pcw) skos:prefLabel
  • discussed hasURL
    • what is the description of this property? Seems there are a bunch of existing properties that could be used (source, seeAlso, etc...) (pcw)
    • APPROVED: consensus to defer to foaf:page, rdfs:seeAlso, dcterms:relation, dcterms:source (depending on needs)
  • discuss hasUsageQueryContent
    • APPROVED to use prov:wasDerivedFrom a pml:Query with a prov:value, and prov:Plans could be derived from the provenance to specify how to regenerate the results.

PROPOSE: subclass of min 1 prov:value on pml:Query . Note: SADI will kick the instance back if the value is not set. CONSENSUS PROPOSE to POSTPONE EmptyInformation (and it's InformationlessActivity design) An instance of information indicating no conclusion has been derived, i.e. empty set of statements. In this case, the rawstring may contain some english message indicating no answer. CONSENSUS PROPOSE: pml3:TranslationPlan subclass of max 1 hasFromLanguage and hasToLanguage. CONSENSUS

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