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Meeting Information



Meeting Preparation

Around the room

* Add a section for yourself 2 hours before meeting.
* Mark any discussion point that you would like to raise during meeting (with DURING MEETING). 
* Otherwise, assume that others will read the rest before meeting. 
* Also, please be considerate and read others' discussion points before the meeting starts.








  • great meeting at semtech
  • one thing that may come up is explanation in financial settings related to fibo - more on this as it evolves - http://www.omg.org/hot-topics/fibo.htm
  • stay tuned for RDF as a universal health care interchange language - see special session at semtech
  • i used slightly updated versions of both jim mcc's ppt and tim's ppt - will send updates when i am back home next week
  • see email from laurie on data institute this week on thursday
  • 3 summer students starting next week
  • deborah has only a half our this week. what is critical this week?


patrick todo

  • DONE get patrick inserted into the template for the wiki meeting pages
  • (no-op) get a link to the template included on the iw meeting page
  • update the how to run an iw meeting

provenanceweb currently points to aquarius on aquarius we have provenanceweb virtual server, which is provenanceweb.tw.rpi.edu provenanceweb.org on aquarius now redirecting to the virtual server question -where should it point?

DONE - cynthia set up a discussion between tim, patrick, cynthia on provenanceweb logistics

use case discussion with patrick:

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