IW Meeting 2013-02-14

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IW Meeting 2013-02-14


Meeting Information



  • Tim
  • Deborah
  • Patrice (but would like the call-in number) for the future this is also on the announcment page at http://inference-web.org/wiki/Events see How to run an IW meeting (call-in information)
  • James (regrets)

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

* Add a section for yourself 2 hours before meeting.
* Mark any discussion point that you would like to raise during meeting (with DURING MEETING). 
* Otherwise, assume that others will read the rest before meeting. 
* Also, please be considerate and read others' discussion points before the meeting starts.



  • Created datapub and arrayexpress extensions for CKAN, deployed at http://data.melagrid.org
    • Uses some prov in it's rdf representation.
    • ?question -did you need anything not in prov?
      • Answer: I've got what I need between the various vocabs.
  • Finishing up Prizms/Datapub paper for DILS (due 2/15)
  • Finishing up Aggregation paper for ICBO (due 2/15)


Submitted provenance dimension paper to WebSci13. Developing architecture design for enabling review of datacube-based content in FUSE, based on provenance graph dimensions. Currently developing corresponding user studies for evaluation of this methodology.



Paulo can understand most of the mappings, no comment means "agree". Definition of an "inference rule" is from [ a text book ], set of pattenrs over antecedents and conclusions. Requires them to be in a format that can be logically mapped.

Moving beyond logic, patterns could still work but not be logic. But how to match patterns to conclusion is more complicated and less transparent.

Good to distinguish it from "MethodRules".

TranslationRule does not change the semantic content.

Format vs. Language  :: Tim Groans :-) :: Tim: Can we just define by exhaustive example? This is a distinction without a compelling use

Format is currently defined as "A plan for the organization and arrangement of specified information. Examples: binary, text, pdf, etc."

Paulo: A markup language is a format. Does that gibe with this definition? Patrice: Isn't markup language another term for specification language. There is a very generic connection between a specification language and file "formats" like binary, text, pdf.

Tim: Can we agree that we're replacing pmlp:Format with dcterms:FileFormat? (If we straight up replace, its a subclass of Entity.) Patrice: I see a fork in our future. Jim: +1 https://github.com/timrdf/pml/issues/13


Rule, format, language, method rules?


Finalized cmap for using pml and prov for semantEco extensions (from discussions with Tim from two weeks ago).

(Tim wants to encode this directly in a turtle file in this repository) TODO: Tim to turtlify it, add it as an example in the PML 3 document.

void:inDataSet o prov:wasDerivedFrom -> void: inDataSet (property chain, (void implies that the objec is an RDF graph, which might not be the case.)

The DatataSet should be of type (W3C) dcat:dataset. pml:Question (human level) pml:Query (machine level) two properties between: 1) alternativeOf 2) query was derived from question We can use these for modeling NLG for SemantEco sparql queries, and providing to a user the types of queries that are difficult to do currently, for example when we have sparse data. Note that Measurement11 is from one dataset, Regulation113 is from another dataset (of regulations) and there is a third derived dataset that (newly minted URI) Violation115 is from.


  • During meeting: quick requested discussions
    • papers in process for this or next week
    • any papers that went into webscience (i know one with james m as first author went in. these will be in the wstnet open house that dom and kristine are organizing on march 8)
    • high level needs to get the mapping spreadsheet/document ready for review
    • requests for the document to progress from people not on the call
  • any requests from those not on call to us?


TODO Patrice make ticket for user issues on the wiki: https://scm.escience.rpi.edu/trac

Patrice to show example of how to commit syntax to close an issue. (below) Here is an example, in your github commit if you enter text like "Fixed absolute URL issue with taglibs. Fixes #6." it will update issue #6 and close it.

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