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Meeting Information



  • Tim
  • Eric


  • Paulo
  • Deborah
  • Jim
  • Patrice
  • Cynthia

No show:

  • James

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

 * Add a section for yourself 2 hours before meeting.  * Mark any discussion point that you would like to raise during meeting (with DURING MEETING).   * Otherwise, assume that others will read the rest before meeting.   * Also, please be considerate and read others' discussion points before the meeting starts.






Erin Barker, my college at PNNL working in the area of computational material modeling, is available to join our Inference Web meeting this coming week and to show us how provenance can significantly help her task of planning and managing simulation runs and outputs, all of that in support of her scientific questions in the area of material sciences.



Outstanding Items


Eric interested in helping map PML 2 to PROV-O (aka PML 3)

Eric: PROV-O is a nice backbone for his applications, but ties in other specific provenance models.

Tim and Jim want to start fresh.

Tim: Objective on PML 3 HTML: tweak presentation to highlight how it extends PROV-O.

Tim: Some things in PML 2 will likely be "deprecated" as PML 3


Eric and can help by participating in the PML 3 discussions that we're doing.

  • Can also suggest certain constructs from his current and previous applications.

Eric: "OPM was too focused on process driven workflows; PML was not tied to software system."

Eric: PML can contribute with its justification and belief and the proposed assertion.

Eric has blocked off his Thursdays to help out.

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