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Meeting Information



  • Deborah
  • Paulo


  • Cynthia
  • Tim

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

* Add a section for yourself 2 hours before meeting.
* Mark any discussion point that you would like to raise during meeting (with DURING MEETING). 
* Otherwise, assume that others will read the rest before meeting. 
* Also, please be considerate and read others' discussion points before the meeting starts.


  • http://aquarius.tw.rpi.edu/projects/provenanceweb/home.html has virtuoso, csv2rdf4lod, and lodspeakr installed.
    • currently facing apache configuration issues -? are these continuing?
    • Next steps:
      • load the plunk crawls (as aggregate), apply lodspeakr views.
      • load visko's PML, per instructions below
      • load plunk crawls, one per graph, categorize graphs according to source/project/etc
      • identify popular terms and focus PML 3 discussions around them
This is the recipe to run pml-annotated visko queries:

1.  go to http://iw.cs.utep.edu/visko-web/
2.  Fill out a form in (1), or even better, go to http://iw.cs.utep.edu/visko-web/query.jsp, 
	copy one of the visko query examples in the page (e.g., pick the first one), 
	and past it in the 'VisKo Query' textfield in (1)
3.  Select [submit query]
4.  For each possible execution plans, visko will allow you to just run the pipeline or to run the
 	pipeline and capture the provenance. Select the second option since we want to discuss the visko use of provenance.
5.  VisKo will execute the pipeline and eventually provide you with the following: an image (or a pointer to an image), 
	a pointer to the visualization query that was executed, and a pointer to the pml2 that was generated. 
	At UTEP, the provenance appears to be stored on the web. 
	At PNNL, the provenance is stored in our CAT content management system

To generate this interaction, I actually   ran a visko query and this is the pointer to the final pml2 that was generated:


Please note that this is a pml about the visko query that was executed. 
To see the pml2 of the final visualization, you need to go to the ref:resource 
pointed by the pmlj:hasAnswer predicate. In this case the following:



  • Testing and documenting FUSE
  • ESWC paper will include an integration of PROV and SIO (SemanticScience Integrated Ontology), Michel Dumontier has agreed to be a co-author to verify the mapping.





Main Goal: Reenergize PML3 efforts and bring PNNL-RPI provenance efforts closer

  • Computational Material Modeling Framework (CMMF) -- simulation scenario for VisKo/PML3
    • May be able to get Erin Baker to present a CMMF provenance use case for PML3 sometime soon (next week?)
    • Use case based on the need of managing a large scale number of computer simulations
      • Which ones finished?
      • Which ones did not finished? Why not?
      • Which parameters have been used? Where are we in a large-scale sensibility analyzes?
      • How to reuse simulations from other places? PNNL, Cornell, LBNL, LANL,(RPI?)
      • How to use PML3 to integrate results from simulation/experiments
      • General questions: How to use PML3 to support finite element model simulations (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finite_element_method)
    • Technical issues
      • Need to understand how to translate PML2 generated by VisKo into PROV-O (Tim, Jim?)
      • Understand what is missing in PROV-O and use this understanding to build PML3
      • Need to transfer this translation knowledge to Nick, who needs to intall VisKo
      • Need to work together with Tim, Jim to figure out a way

-- go to http://iw.cs.utep.edu/visko-web/ -- submit a visko query, for example:

PREFIX views https://raw.github.com/nicholasdelrio/visko/master/resources/ontology/visko-view.owl# PREFIX formats https://raw.github.com/nicholasdelrio/visko/master/resources/formats/ PREFIX types http://rio.cs.utep.edu/ciserver/ciprojects/CrustalModeling/CrustalModeling.owl# PREFIX visko https://raw.github.com/nicholasdelrio/visko-packages-rdf/master/package_mozilla.owl# PREFIX params https://raw.github.com/nicholasdelrio/visko-packages-rdf/master/grdcontour.owl# VISUALIZE http://rio.cs.utep.edu/ciserver/ciprojects/GravityMapProvenance/gravityDataset.txt AS views:2D_ContourMap IN visko:mozilla-firefox WHERE FORMAT = formats:SPACESEPARATEDVALUES.owl#SPACESEPARATEDVALUES AND TYPE = types:d19

-- submit the query -- select one of the produced pipelines and ask to execute it with support for provenance -- the URL of the provenance of the final visualization will be shown

    • Potential benefits:
      • Potential DOE funding
      • Potential for Big Data funding - for whoever is looking for exciting big data
      • A compelling example for provenance and PML3 in particular (we may be able to better understand



  • Fuse !!!!
  • to Tim, how can we help?
  • to Patrice and Jim - is anything arising for provenance needs from class projects (in hospita.ly or next gen semantEco)?
  • Next community science - return to discussion about what might be needed in a next generation provenance infrastructure to support true distributed community science with provenance supporting reputation and trust

Outstanding Items

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