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Meeting Information



  • Tim
  • Jim

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

* Add a section for yourself 2 hours before meeting.
* Mark any discussion point that you would like to raise during meeting (with DURING MEETING). 
* Otherwise, assume that others will read the rest before meeting. 
* Also, please be considerate and read others' discussion points before the meeting starts.



  • modeling for http://healthdata.tw.rpi.edu, including work on aggregate classes and specializationOf
  • Added exemplars and classes for Assumption and Discharge to pml-proof


  • FUSE
    • Drill-down approaches for recent indicator set from BAE.
    • Visualization service for explanation interface.
    • Virtuoso support.


  • Fuse deployment
  • Fuse Virtuoso demo
  • Update PML discussion page with examples




  • Deborah, Patrice, and Paulo are at the DataONE meeting in New Mexico (so will not call in)
  • Deborah will be on next week.

I think priorities for this week are

  • 1. progress on PML 3 and requests to help that.
  • 2. if cynthia and james bring up anything that they need help on for meeting fuse sept 30 and oct 15 deadlines, please help them (either in the meeting or outside the meeting).
  • 3. question to cynthia and james - do you want to give a demo next week of either drill downs that are needed for provenance or explanation summaries (or other topics relevant to next generation prov/explanation?
  • 4. are any provenance requirements emerging from the health challenge or fuse or other
  • 5. if anyone is on from the global climate change group, are they getting any requirements for provenance?

Outstanding Items

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