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Meeting Information


  • Administrative
    • Patrice accessing IW wiki
  • Do we name PML terms in the past tense?


  • Tim
  • James
  • Deborah
  • Jim
  • Patrice (first 30 min)
  • Paulo


  • Patrick

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

  • Add a section for yourself 2 hours before meeting.
  • Mark any discussion point that you would like to raise during meeting (with DURING MEETING).
  • Otherwise, assume that others will read the rest before meeting.
  • Also, please be considerate and read others' discussion points before the meeting starts.



Going to do:

  • Final changes for lit review
  • HICSS final submission


  • FUSE: focusing on helping w/ storyboarding deliverable (due tomorrow).
    • Developing feature data visualizations, based on BAE data.
    • Reviewing feature data graph + SPARQL query set used by BAE.
    • Working on RDG comparison pages.
    • Pre-grading reviews.
      • Met with Rui (new student) to have him do grading pass over current         design.
      • Sent email to Amar to request he look for problems in interface (broken         links, missing content).
  • FUSE Feature data work (not part of storyboarding submission)
    • As part of drilldown work, have developed set of taxonomies for feature data.
    • Entries in certain taxonomies will derive from other taxomies (e.g., proportion-based values deriving from counts).
    • question from deborah -when will we see a schedule for the fuse explanation paper update?  (i presume after the fuse storyboard deliverable but can we get a date?  Also, when will we see a set of tasks so that we can break them up?)
    • Response from James: The camera-ready version of the ISWC submission will need to be made by 9/10.  In general, the feedback we got was positive, and no major change requests were made.  We may want to circulate the paper at BAE early next week to get their feedback, though.  I will try to get a draft of the poster itself (which doesn't need to be submitted with the camera-ready paper) by 9/15.
    • Additionally, I'm planning my CogSci talk for 9/12, and will be focusing on work tied to this submission.


  • Fuse storyboard demo.


  • TODO: Tim to recover his request to Paulo.


Nothing to report. Gave comments to JIm on PML 3.


  • Fuse storyboard due on friday - after done it would be worthwhile to show.  question to james can we get any valuable input now from people here?
    • Deborah: anything that we can get feedback, tonight? New types of drill downs.
    • James: from the group, not sure.
  • Rui - new grad student - transferred from nuclear and mechanical engineering and will be working with us.  still deciding exactly what.
    • Deborah: will report what he will do. Will join IW group.
  • new NIST project just starting next week.  Will report on that 2 weeks from now.
    • John Erickon, others for first responder info, generating communities around first responder.
  • Deborah offline next thursday and friday.
    • TODO: Move to Wed morning? Tim to try to reschedule.
  • Return to discussion of modules of PML 3 that are more ready for discussion and writeup


  • working on PROV-XML serialization
  • Deborah: GCMD work will generate requirements.
  • Stephan: will be using PROV, not sure if we need extensions yet.
  • … Marshal will also know about it.
  • … SourceUsage may be reused.
  • TODO: Tim to reconcile SourceUsage.
  • Plan as an Activity.


What's ahead of me:

  • Finishing out the new cross reference code for PML 3.0's HTML (porting from PROV-O)
  • More plunking - accessing more instances, loading to triple store, doing analysis.
  • More exemplaring for PML 3 (____this task can be shared by others____)
  • More PML 3 OWL modeling tweaks and annotations to support documentation.
  • PML 3 HTML narrative

Outstanding Items

Today's discussions

http://aquarius.tw.rpi.edu/pml-3/index#hasAntecedent ← This link is broken b/c Tim hasn’t finished the cross reference code.

TODO: Tim to make sure the skos:definition is exposed.

skos:definition: An antecedent of an activity is an entity that is used by in such a way that the generated entities are derived from them. This provides a link between processual and derivational provenance that will allow proof-theoretic analysis to be applied to PROV and PML provenance assertions.

wasGeneratedBy o hasAntecedent SubPropertyOf wasDerivedFrom

TODO: Tim make sure the property chain is exposed in the cross reference.

Paulo: where is example? https://github.com/timrdf/pml/tree/master/doc/html-exemplars https://github.com/timrdf/pml/blob/master/doc/html-exemplars/property_hasAntecedent.ttl

specimenX a prov:Entitiy.
scalpel a prov:Entity.
specimenCutEvent a prov:Activity;

pml:hasAntecedent :specimenX; prov:used :scalpel.

specimenX.1 a prov:Entity;

prov:wasGeneratedBy :specimenCutEvent.

specimenX.2 a prov:Entity;

prov:wasGeneratedBy :specimenCutEvent.

Inference based on prop chain using pml:hasAntecedent:

specimenX.1 a prov:Entity;

prov:wasDerivedFrom :specimenX.

specimenX.2 a prov:Entity;

prov:wasDerivedFrom :specimenX.

past tense?

  • Do we name PML terms in the past tense?
    • Paulo: what about planning? past tense would be confusing.
    • Tim confused Nick with past tense stuff.
    • Stephan: Example, please. Where PML is being used for planning and is confusing.
    • Deborah: Melissa Glass’ thesis has several examples.
    • Stephan: is PML describing a potential scenario?
    • Deborah: buying a computer. past, present, future.
    • ... prospective instead of retrospective b/c rules might have changed in the past.
    • … I’m trying to buy a computer, I have 2 quotes but waiting on a third.
    • Jim: how to encode anticipation vs. things that happened.
    • Deborah: annotation of when it happens. process takes 4 days, started on monday.
    • Tim: isn’t this just handled by Bundle with the appropriate annotations?
    • Paulo: example: Siri on iphone 4. Siri derived something, which looks to be final.
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