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Meeting Information



  • James
  • Patrice
  • Tim
  • Deborah
  • Paulo ?
  • Cynthia ?

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

  • Add a section for yourself 2 hours before meeting.
  • Mark any discussion point that you would like to raise during meeting (with DURING MEETING).
  • Otherwise, assume that others will read the rest before meeting.
  • Also, please be considerate and read others' discussion points before the meeting starts.


  • Developing demo for generating summary tabular views - in line with current FUSE storyboarding design.
    • Developing sample datacube encodings for current BAE traces.
  • Working on preference-based datacube summarization approach.

Tim: qb + pml? Did I hear that correctly? No. Generating sample QB encodings from what is provided. (amar may help)

Deborah: when can we see a demo? at least aug 30, perhaps earlier


  • TODO: Cynthia agreed to email Tim an outline of the terms FUSE is extending. [1]
  • Cynthia and Paulo agreed to email Tim a list of terms whose mappings they disagreed with
  • Cynthia and Paulo agreed to list and discuss (with examples) their reasons and evidence for the mapping that they contend.


  • TODO - Cynthia and Paulo agreed to email Tim a list of terms whose mappings they disagreed with
  • TODO - Cynthia and Paulo agreed to list and discuss (with examples) their reasons and evidence for the mapping that they contend.

Paulo is collecting PML for projects at PNNL. Has PML-P, which is needed for PML-J. Right infrastructure to make PML-J and beginning to make it.

Paulo: What tools make PML 3? Tim: let’s get there when we get there.

TODO Paulo wants to start with high level functionalities. Formal proofs, verify formal proofs, information extraction and (what else?). To be put at http://inference-web.org/wiki/PML_3.0

TODO: Paulo wants a meeting in two weeks. Tim to contact sounds. Paulo wants regular time. Paulo wants Deborah.




  • new nist funding coming in fall
    • First responders?
    • Gather requirements (bad chemicals in burning building)
  • connection with datanet sead with myers
    • with Tim, more in a week or so.
  • fall class starting on aug 27 with projects
    • will be using provenance things.


also second demo is using pml - http://browser.inference-web.org/spcdissearch/ListResourceBeta2

AT UTEP, we used to store PML code at http://rio.cs.utep.edu/ciserver/ciserver/CI-Projects

AT PNNL, we are storing PML at http://sdmcat.pnl.gov/alfresco/faces/jsp/browse/browse.jsp , although this is behind our firewall :(

can tim get a dump of that pml? or can we send his analysis code to you all to run?

TODO: Tim to consider how we’d ship off code to be run at PNNL.


  • No other updates on provenance related projects.


??? question from deborah - when should we go over this?

  • Discussing PROV/QB link with the Linked Govt Data people at w3c working on QB.
  • Discussed PROV/QB with Patrice.


  • I cannot attend this Thursday at the usual time. Can we move the call to 11 am (since prov-wg isn't meeting)? (YES, we moved the meeting to 11am)
    • Deborah can do 11am
    • Jim can do 11am
    • James can do 11am
    • Patrick only 11:00-11:30am
    • Patrice can do 11am
    • Paulo can do 11am
  • I cannot attend IW next week Tue-Thurs 8:00-16:30. RAISE: should we shift the meeting, or have me absent?
    • I can attend next week's meeting if we reschedule it to evenings Tue-Thursday or anytime Friday.
    • Proposed reschedule to noon-1pm Friday 24th ET
      • Paulo regrets and is very very sad.

  • I'd like to point out that currently, this work has the status of a Members Submission according to the prov-wg.
    • We must have a mature draft to offer prov-wg to convince them to elevate it to a prov-wg Note.
  • What namespace should we use for PML 3? Jim started using http://provenance-web.org/ontology/pml#
    • note - we own the one without the - - thus provenanceweb not provenance-web
    • Jim wants a purl.org if possible. (Tim +1)
    • provenanceweb.org redirects now to inference-web.org
    • e.g. http://purl.org/twc/vocab/conversion/ (though, we should go hash?....)
    • Deborah wants provenance-web PR
    • This issue is: https://github.com/timrdf/pml/issues/5
    • Tim: if it’s a W3C Note, does it not need to be in w3.org?
    • Tim: purl.org drastically increases maintainability of ontology’s dereferencability.
    • … Could we add a purl.org instance to TWC’s infrastructure?
    • TODO: Paulo is running into some discoverability from http://provenance-web.org cannot get to PML 3.0 from there.
    • From: http://inference-web.org/wiki/Documentation no link to PML 3.0. TODO: Paulo add the link that he wants.
    • provenanceweb.org NO HYPHEN HERE! redirects to inference web.


  • Jim, Paulo, and I had a telecon yesterday (notes)
    • PML 3.0 modules (proof, base)
    • Paulo expressed his concern for the inability to say, e.g. "two and only two" used entities in PROV; instead, it can only say "these two" entities.
    • Discussed Language vs. Format. A bit of a rabbit hole. How to tidy the distinction up? (my answer: EXAMPLES)
    • We made an example that lives here


Outstanding Items

Today's discussions


Moving next weeks meeting

Deborah: Later Wed and Friday any time as long as we end by 1?

Proposed: move next week’s meeting to 12 noon ET on Friday.

   Patrice okay with that
   James okay

PML 3.0

Paulo: Task Processing, Machine Learning is done with PML, but we’re not doing it. PML does planning, which PROV cannot do.

TODO: paulo write this up.

We should involve Nick. VisKO is doing PML. Get VisKO to use PML 3.0. Nick just wants to generate provenance. Hugo is ProbeIt and wrapping up. They are the actual users of PML 3.0. TODO: Tim to engage Nick.


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