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Meeting Information



  • Tim
  • Paulo
  • Jim
  • James (regrets)

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

* Add a section for yourself 2 hours before meeting.
* Mark any discussion point that you would like to raise during meeting (with DURING MEETING). 
* Otherwise, assume that others will read the rest before meeting. 
* Also, please be considerate and read others' discussion points before the meeting starts.



  • Finishing up:
    • IWSC data cube poster (due today)
    • LISC lit review on provenance and data cubes (due saturday)


  • ISWC Poster/Demo (FUSE) draft under review at BAE/IARPA
  • Working on AGU abstract for SPCDIS (due Aug. 8)
  • Will be coordinating with Cynthia on generation of static/dynamic content for upcoming FUSE demo (This functionality will be needed for upcoming storyboarding round).


  • Fuse explanation summary based on auto-generated traces.
  • Document management in enclosed environment.
  • IWBrowser extension for fuse domain.


  • PML (2.0 or 3.0) use at PNNL
  • PML 3.0 timeline
  • PML 3.0 Java API (decide whether or not to have one; whether or not upgrade the 2.0 API)




On the eScience side of things, we had a meeting every other week regarding what we referred to as "Science Provenance". The problem was that it seems that this is too specific, and that we don't know what else is going on within provenance with other people (Tim, Jim especially). Submissions being made to different conferences and workshops, what's being talked about, etc... So, we decided instead of having two separate meetings that we would just have one.

  • I have not been doing much of any work within provenance, and do not have much to contribute here
  • Helping Stephan Zednik with finishing up the SPCDIS project.
    • Currently using OPM since it is easier to understand and use
    • Looking to write out the provenance information using PML and Prov-o
    • Working with McGuinness and Assoc. on this
    • James Michaelis is working on a submission to AGU for the SPCDIS work
  • Looking into adding provenance to data access software (aggregations, translations, server-side functions, whatever the data access software is doing with the data)

Today's discussions


Cynthia mentioned that FUSE is extending PML 2.0, so Tim needs to know about it to guide developing PML 2.0.

  • Cynthia agreed to email Tim an outline of the terms FUSE is extending.

Paulo asked about the timeline for PML 3.0

  • Tim's response was "do it", but one hard deadline is 1 Nov for a prov-wg Note and we want a good draft for WG review mid-Sept.
  • Tim agreed to nail down a schedule

Paulo asked about PML API

  • Paulo has a need for it, but Tim and Jim do not. So there are differing objectives here.

We spent the rest of the time discussing Tim's proposed mappings

  • Cynthia and Paulo raised many good points on particular terms, which are now flagged in the spreadsheet in column D
  • We took notes on some of the meanings of PML 2.0 terms
  • Most of the other terms need a more permanent writeup.
  • Cynthia and Paulo agreed to email Tim a list of terms whose mappings they disagreed with
  • Cynthia and Paulo agreed to list and discuss (with examples) their reasons and evidence for the mapping that they contend.
  • This isn't about anyone being right, it's about having a clear discussion so that we can make a better product.
  • We discussed the purpose of PML 3.0, being "just a few more terms" (for information extraction and Q&A), or something "juicier" that has some "proof-stuff teeth".
  • This discussion was incredibly useful for Tim, and we should have many more of these kinds of discussion. Note, though, that we need to be principled in handling the points of disagreement so that we can advance them to a satisfactory resolution. That is, we can't just call in every week and talk past each other.

Tim's proposed mappings



  • explanation summary. Working with BAE. Getting traces based on FLU documents.
  • closed environment
  • IWBrowser extensions.
    • recognize the FUSE domain terms, which extend PML.
    • fuse:Information, fuse:hasNamespace, fuse:SourceUsage
    • TODO: Cynthia to email Tim list of the PML 2.0 terms that FUSE has extended.


What is timeline for PML 3.0? The prov-wg Note deadline is 1 November TODO: Tim to outline the timeline.

PML 3.0 API? Tim and Jim are not doing that.

There are off-the-shelf RDF APIs that handle generic RDF already for any ontology. Those can be applied to PML 3.0.




Outstanding Items

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