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Meeting Information


  • Administrative
  • Around the room - please post online in advance
  • Outstanding Items
  • Focus: please propose here before meeting


  • Tim (with DMG)
  • Paulo (remote)
  • James (with DMG)
  • Jim (remote)
  • Deborah (is DMG)
  • cynthia (remote)

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

(fill this out 2 hours before meeting)


This past week:

Points for the meeting:

  • RETURN TO: Can we set up a github project for Provenance Markup Language 3.0 (PROV-as-basis, adding in the take-aways from PML 2.0)
  • RETURN TO: Deborah have any comments on IPAW? Final is due 4 June. I'll submit copyright form once I hear from Ping.
  • RETURN TO: Dublin Core mapped PROV http://www.w3.org/mid/4FC65F80.9040203@informatik.uni-mannheim.de


  • FUSE Work: Continuing FUSE Interface Development work
    • Preparing for Site Visit (June 13th)
    • Coordinating with Amar + Dominic on applying LOD + Nosh's tools toward     our data analysis + explanation component.
  • Reviewing current PROV-O documentation as prep work for doing PML mapping
    • Will be sending Tim proposed mappings as they are completed.


  • Continue preparation for FUSE site visit
    • Creating presentation.
    • Improving demo.
    • Creating content documents.
  • Continue IW/FUSE back-end process work.



  • Worked on PROV/PML mapping
  • Reviewed the final proof for the IEEE IS paper
  • Still waiting on comments from authors for IPAW paper
  • Started work on datacube push for a HICSS paper

Will do:

  • Finish up the IPAW camera ready copy
  • Plan/create presentation for IPAW with Tim and Deborah
  • Work on the HICSS paper and improvements to datacube browser


  • Haven't gotten any feedback from other authors on the IPAW paper.



  • Starting people this week:

- Chavon - undergrad started Wednesday; - Jeongmin - recent grad started Tuesday; - Patrice - postdoc - starts friday on dataone.

  • Lots of travel coming - semtech next week, fuse following week, ipaw websci next week
  • Ping is working with Tim on possible updates to csv2rdf4lod for OBOE connections for SemantAqua and she is putting "rationale" in as a text string in SemantAqua   (interesting as we might want a better version of this for PML3
  • Jiao, Ping both graduated this past weekend

Outstanding Items

Today's discussions

Around the room

Outstanding Items 

(handled above)


Today's focus: Mapping PROV to PML 2.0 (in preparation for PML 3.0)

Mapping PROV to PML 2.0


the telecon service is not accepting  go to http://inference-web.org/wiki/IW_Meeting_2012-05-31 and look at today's focus

to leave behind is just replace.

paulo - can't access Cynthia - admin? Patrick ?

TODO: Tim ask patrick

TODO: group to look at dublin core mapping proposal. We need to adopt a similar style if pml mapping goes to into PROV materials.

Paulo: we should Assertion (e.g. SourceUsage) and Derivation subtypes of InferenceStep. ... we have NodeSet, we could call it Node and it'd be the same.

Tim: this will complement them well.

Source is no longer Source, it's just a range on hadSource .

Paulo: InformationContainer (new name for Source)

Paulo: source is combo of agent and document.

BOX is not source, it is roled as a Source. Can BOX be 

Jim: Source renamed to InformationContainer is good. Paulo +1 Tim +1

TODO: Tim to make sure Stephan is included on the discussions.

Jim: PML 3.0 is not going to be PML 2.0 backward compliant within OWL. It would look more like PROV than PML 2.0.

TODO: good to be pointed at from PROV-O page (in appendix)

TODO: Jim to look for pml in purl.org inference-web.org/net provenance-web.org/net

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