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Meeting Information


  • Administrative
  • Around the room - please post online in advance
  • Outstanding Items
  • Focus: please propose here before meeting


  • Tim (regrets)

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

(fill this out before meeting)


  • typical prov email traffic
  • knocking out prov-o issues, added "minCard-like" links in cross reference.
  • moving DataFAQs FAaT Service provenance from "epoch.ttl" to self-reports upon request.
    • reports their hadPlan that points to their implementation code.
    • provides a start time of the service
  • Need to review all PROV-O use in DataFAQs - some name changes :-/
  • finalizing IPAW submission sent out on Monday. Doable by next week. Due June 4th
  • Geo PROV with someone from work. Due Sept 30th
  • ISWC "Transparent Computing in the Semantic Web". ISWC June 1/8th
  • Dom's JWS/ISWC Instance Hub ISWC June 1/8th

Jim McCusker

- needs rework of 2 figures from tim

- background for HICSS, possibly ISWC,

James Michaelis

  • Reviewing prior PML encodings sent by BAE, in parallel with Oct 2011 and May 2012 storyboarding.
    • Will be working with BAE to produce corresponding trace data.
    • Objective: Development of explanation component demo, capable of highlighting 10 indicators.

Cynthia Chang

  • Fuse demo and Fuse storybording :


Deborah McGuinness

  • IPAW papers - with Tim going in early. Jim - are we targeting early?
  • work with Jim McC on HICSS submission
  • storyboard - probably update from fuse meeting today. site visit june 13
  • postdoc accepted data one offer - will be at RPI this summer (negotiating start date now)
  • doing student reviews (competed jim, tim, )
  • planning other papers now. lets do a return to on papers - please list any you are working on. Also, i am trying to get things in in May that can go in - june is a heavy travel month starting with semtech


  • requests a call with deborah on tool sharing and strategic vision. set up for monday 3pm eastern / noon pacific

Outstanding Items

Today's discussions

Around the room

TODO - jim mcc - point out to co-authors what he needs from them - he mentioned a rework of figures 2 & 4 request that needs to be done by tim

discussion about dynamic and static information. paulo gives an example from utep application. for each employee at which company - get a dynamically generated link

TODO - cynthia put up link to issues document and send to james, deborah when up

TODO - deborah - summarize explanation and provenance issues that are coming up from the storyboarding

paulo mentions ARM - atmospheric radiation measurement - asked his opinion of versions. good place to discuss our version of FRBR PNNL has resources to do something on it.

key processing is done at PNNL. have examples of annotation, versioning, curation,..... 30 people full time for the last 5 years. national network of 480 sites. 1 billion last year

advantage of oak ridge - they have final product - portal is through them. if go to pnnl - one does not see the web site that has ARM data.

but all processing of ARM data is at PNNL.

Outstanding Items

(handled above)


outstanding papers that are group related

  • IPAW - lebo lead, mccusker lead, zednik lead
  • HICSS - mccusker / mcguinness
  • ISWC - lebo lead, michaelis lead

if time, come back to

Today's focus

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