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Meeting Information


  • Administrative
  • Around the room - please post online in advance
  • Outstanding Items
  • Focus: please propose here before meeting


Meeting Preparation

Around the room

(fill this out before meeting)


  • Announcing PROV drafts and asking for feedback to the wg
    • Stephan did CSIRO
    • TODO: email list for the incubator (look at list and send)
  • final IPAW paper submission due June 4
  • Starting DataFAQs work towards 1 June JWS submission with Dominic (LOGD and instance hub)
  • Do we do something about {Data Cube (QB), Jim, Tim, Alvaro, James}?  - and how does this relate to the hicss submission jim and i are planning due june 15____
  • Should I attend: day before ipaw meeting in santa barbara for a portion of the data one semantics and interoperability working group
    • interesting point - i will talk to mark s about agenda
    • TODO: Tim to ask Deborah again in a couple of days.
    • use case work on stream health

no return tos. hicss submission


  • How are the IPAW camera ready papers going?  Also, I requested presentations on day 1
    • TODO: Tim request for target date for when we hear tim's review of feedback - monday may 14.
    • TODO: Jim mccusker reviewed feedback - first cut of final version (reworking of figure (easy), and potential additions - monday 14 - review and target schedule
  • Musen here this week and talk this aft.
  • FUSE story boarding is generating new requests for presentation options (james and cynthia can say more)
  • paper submission plans in near future?  HICSS (Jim McC lead), ISWC?, wang lead, possible mcc lead, JWS, other?
  • status on pml transfer from jiao and validator?
    • Stephan is looking to convert to maven to build it.
    • Tim just want to be able to build and deploy it
    • Deborah wants to be able to add a new integrity check.
    • SemantAqua: What datasets were being used, what tools, and what rationale for using them?

RETURN TO: hicss submission Jim McC and James Michaelis and Tim all potentially doing one as first author http://iswc2012.semanticweb.org/call-semantic-web-use-track-papers

RETURN TO: fuse story boarding


  • Helping coordinate FUSE storyboarding.

may be asking for some help - question from deborah - what can we pick off to implement

  • Finished draft for summarization component - waiting for reasoning form component work from Cynthia.

Jim M.

  • Mostly working on magetab2rdf paper: 
    • experimenting with exhibit, but scaled out quickly. Eric volunteered a prototype using S2S to work on while he's traveling. - this is great
  • Hicss submission


what is status of the updates from sean last night? https://tw1.tw.rpi.edu/fuse/rpi/demo/cq1/v6/CQ1Summary.html

Outstanding Items

  • TODO REMAINS: Paulo review/respond to Cynthia's comments. about jiao   - deborah will try to find the email and follow up.
    • TODO: Cynthia to resend to Paulo
  • TODO: Save The Validator, 2012 edition
    • Naveen responded, met with Patrick/Stephan on Tue, regular meeting on Tuesdays.

Today's discussions


Around the room

Outstanding Items 

(handled above)


Today's focus

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