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Meeting Information


  • Administrative
  • Around the room - please post online in advance
  • Outstanding Items
  • Focus: please propose here before meeting


Meeting Preparation

Around the room

(fill this out before meeting)


  • Where should we be announcing PROV to ask for reviews?
    • Would take a couple hours to a day. Review starts next Thursday.
    • CSIRO, Sky USGS, Simon Cox (works with Stephan)
    • PNNL - paulo , eric, kerstin
    • maybe Qing Li from CSIRO
    • FUSE PI meeting people
  • PROV-O team dynamics
  • http://tw.rpi.edu/web/doc/TechReport-AbstractingGranularProvenance is up

TODO: Tim ask IW for list of people to ask to review PROV drafts.


  • proposal for collaborative extreme science.
  • spatial provenance with NASA.



    • Uses a simple query to get this info
PREFIX prov: <http://www.w3.org/ns/prov-o/>
select count(?s) as ?count max(?label) as ?label ?t ?year where {
 select distinct ?s ?t bif:year(?date) as ?year ?label where {

   graph ?exp {
     ?exp a ?design;
            prov:used ?s;
            <http://purl.org/dc/terms/date> ?date.
     ?design rdfs:subClassOf ?t.
     ?t rdfs:label ?label.
     FILTER (?label != "unknown_experiment_design_type").
} group by ?t ?year order by ?t ?year
  • Finished up and proposed the finalized definitions for altOf/specOf ( http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/SpecializationAlternateDefinitions#Definitions_13_.28refinement_of_12.29 )
    • An entity is a physical, digital, conceptual, or other kind of thing with some fixed aspects. Entities may be real or imaginary. 
    • Two alternate entities present aspects of the same thing. These aspects may be the same or different, and the alternate entities may or may not overlap in time. 
    • An entity that is a specialization of another entity shares all aspects of the latter, and additionally presents more specific aspects of the same thing as the latter. In particular, the lifetime of the specialized entity contains that of any specialization.
    • To vote on next week.


  • Revisiting review of profiles of explanation consumers for SPCDIS.
    • Examples: Pipeline specialist, outside consumer.
    • Varying presentation of intermediate/final data products based on user role + task.
  • Conducting a similar review in context of FUSE.
    • Goal: Presentation of varying listings of indicators as support for hypotheses.
    • This will act as extension to current interface development work.
    • Examples: Funding acency manager, BAE engineer.


  • Fuse PI meeting in Washington on tues – thurs.  James M., Cynthia, Joanne on call for calls at least on wed afternoon.
  • TODO: jim m and tim to grade a mock up with respect to fuse quality assessment rubrics.
  • TODO: James M to send pointers for rubric and RPI's FUSE "homework submission"
  • Proposal with PNNL - turn around expected to be fast - know by august probably
  • Keynote on Linked Data for Team Science – may yield a vivo based demo.  Dominic just came back from chicago
  • DELSA meeting on Friday - http://www.delsaglobal.org/events/upcoming-workshops/item/12-delsa-workshop-2 - Data-Enabled Life Sciences Alliance International) proposes a transdisciplinary approach by integrating expertise across both life sciences and computing, academia and industry, cyberinfrastructure and analysis, policies and media.  Our goal is to connect leaders and stakeholders to accelerate development of new insights and innovations that can more rapidly address global societal needs.   
  • Postdoc offer made yesterday for DataOne Semantics and Interoperability working group to sit at RPI (and be on UNM's payroll).  start this summer
  • day before ipaw meeting in santa barbara for a portion of the data one semantics and interoperability working group

Outstanding Items

  • done: James send info to deborah on amar's datacube demos - done
  • TODO REMAINS: Tim: Jim += Curran  datacube. (Tim sent Curran an email)
  • done  Jim M. - follow up with Michael and Deborah about a potential visit from michael when Mark Musen is here (first week of may) - done - deferred til June
  • TODO REMAINS: Paulo review/respond to Cynthia's comments. about jiao   - deborah will try to find the email and follow up.

Deborah regrets next week. Jim can demo next week.

Today's discussions

Evidence Quality Assessment Rubrics and evaluation of current mock up.

publication plan

TODO - james m send out pointers after this meeting.

Around the room

Outstanding Items 

(handled above)


Today's focus

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