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Meeting Information


  • Administrative
  • Around the room - please post online in advance
  • Outstanding Items
  • Focus: please propose here before meeting


  • Tim - not sure I can attend (unless today's topic is the proposal); proposal contribution...
  • Jim
  • Cynthia
  • Paulo (regrets)

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

(fill this out before meeting)


  • proposal with PNNL
  • keynote at linked data and team science
  • keynote at open travel alliance
  • fuse scenario and vgs
  • summer undergraduate

Jim M

  • PROV spec/alt definitions: 
    • alternate: "Two alternate entities have equal or different aspects of the same thing" 
    • specialization: "An entity that is a specialization of another entity shares all aspects of the latter, and additionally provides more specific aspects of the same thing as the latter"
      • Tim: s/provides/have/ ??? or s/have/provides/ ???
      • Tim: "aspects of the same thing" provides a nice "out".
    • James Cheney seems to insist that spec and alt are always talking about the same thing. Since "same thing" is pretty fluid outside of mathematics (and we're not talking about mathematical identity), I'm beginning to think we can just let it be as it is above.
  • magetab2rdf:


  • prov-o 2WD was approved for public release today. Need to go through publication process after some minor tweaks (Collection renamed to Dictionary, adding Invalidation) Target publication date is 3 May.
  • Length of PROV-O issues should be deflating now that we're in the final stretch to Last Call.
  • Really need to start working on Issues talk for next Wed: "DataFAQs: Building the Web of Data about Wed of Data"
    • TODO: send reminder.
  • I asked Stephan/Naveen/Jiao for "reproduce instructions" - no response.
    • TODO: send to deborah, ping it.

RETURN TO: proposal for scalable provenance.


FUSE new summary representation https://tw1.tw.rpi.edu/fuse/rpi/demo041812/jsp/

  • <username> / <username>Fuse
  • <password>
  • TODO: make sure to add a "full range" glyph so it is apparent where the thing falls in the range.
  • TODO: make sure acronyms are expanded, or get rid of them


  • Have been working with Amar to develop updated indicator visualizations:
  • Ongoing discussions with Amar on converting feature data to Datacube format
    • Determining sections of feature data which could be directly used in new visualizations + new summary examples.
  • Example of 

Outstanding Items

Today's discussions

Around the room

Outstanding Items 

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Today's focus

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