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Meeting Information


  • Administrative
  • Around the room - please post online in advance
  • Outstanding Items
  • Focus: please propose here before meeting


  • Tim
  • Cynthia
  • Jim
  • James
  • Deborah

Meeting Preparation

Around the room


RETURN TO: prov-o (the focus)

James M

  • Continued updates to RPI explanation architecture design, based on feedback from FUSE Use Case/Explanation Working Groups.
    •   June goal: Finalization of infrastructure on secure server at RPI for  presenting working demos (required by June BAE site visit).
    • need sooner internal deadline to review it - May?
  • Three infrastructure components
  • To support indicator presentation, want to determine feasibility of secure Virtuoso server at RPI.
  • Will meet w/ Amar next week, to hand off Datacube/D3.JS tasks  (deborah could use a description of what to expect from amar)
    • TODO: James send info to deborah on amar's demos

RETURN TO:  Timing on fuse milestones  (need to think about what what to present may 1)

RETURN TO: secure virtuoso server at RPI (but may take offline with Patrick and Cynthia)


  • IWBrowser view of fuse funding type count data from NYU.  ?? does this have a visual portion?
  • IWBrowser view of visulization component.
  • A Etherpad Lite is installed on leo. Will start testing.
    • http://leo.tw.rpi.edu/projects/webdeb/pads/p/fuse (need vpn)
    • not private
    • TODO - cynthia to send email with todo items and who we are wating for for each of the items.  please make sure to get confirmation that someone is committed to doing the things that we need done (or that they provide more information such as an alternative)

RETURN TO d3 stuck in html

TODO - Cynthia AND Jim to have a call about this d3 issue and report out with a possible approach next inference web call.

Jim McCusker

      • GK says: "Normally, it seems my refrain is to hold back from over-specifying.  But in this case, I can't help wondering if sitting on the fence and saying nothing is the worst option.  It suggests that in some cases, specializationOf(a,a) may be True, and in others it's False. I'd agree this doesn't need to be covered in the DM (part 1), but for strict interpretations of provenance (-constraints) I think a position probably should be taken."
    • An    entity is alternate of another if they are both a specialization of    some common entity. The common entity does not need to be identified. 
  •   Got interest from James Malone (EBI guy for ArrayExpress) about using  magetab2rdf for the official RDF versions of their experiment provenance  (12k+ experiments, very detailed provenance).
  •   Starting work on lit review on provenance in OLAP/data  cube/multidimensional datasets. I would appreciate any pointers to  papers, if you have them.
    • TODO: Tim: Jim += Curran

    • TODO Jim M. - follow up with Michael and Deborah about a potential visit from michael when Mark Musen is here (first week of may)

TODO: Jim d3 cynthia stuff

RETURN TO: properties on specOf and altOf


has been integrating prov tools to CAT.

proposal: Scalable provenance

what is RPI doing with OLAP and how does it relate to scalable provenance.

  • Tim's IPAW paper, 
  • Daniel's submission to WORKS  (?) (which paper?  is this the Daniel G. and Gil paper? yes.) paper to Tim (Tim forwarded to Leo and Nick/UTEP)

Paulo interested in knowing comparisons of triple stores - what is the best to pick and why?


  •   scalable provenance proposal with paulo - has connections between IPAW submission tim led  on provenance granularity and derivational provenance and some related  work with Gil as well as PNNL
  • AAAI meetings
  • need to pull out provenance comments from USGS (got some!)

other (everyone is welcome)

Outstanding Items

  • TODO REMAINS: Paulo review/respond to Cynthia's comments. about jiao 
  • ONGOING paulo send pointer when some PML-P-ization of PNNL/UTEP is available
  • let rest: Paulo and Deborah follow up on open science. - in particular with respect to DOE interests. - partial follow up with respect to the scalable provenance proposal  
  • let rest: Paulo send Tim email about data.gov Chris (main SW architect of data.gov). State interest about opening sci data. Tim will pass on to Chris.
  • RETURN TO conversion tool and CAT. (PNNL tool)
  • done: cynthia summarize action items and ask when and how they get done.  done from last week but there is an updated TODO from this week
  • RETURN TO pml api licensing
  • RETURN TO PML api to github as open source
  • ONGOING: Paulo to ask if he can use svn with right license BSD.

I agree - having a web page interface to the validator would be good

  • Confirming visit from musen in may (first week) (confirmed) -Tuesday May 8 - Sat May 12

FUSE Status Call (3/28): https://fuse.titanpad.com/16

Relevant information from status discussion:

PI meeting May 1 and 2. Discussing whether to do a 10minute demonstration - one or multiple presenters.  Options - one overview vs one detailed presentation Olga  - want to show how much we are doing, so need to show everything we are  planning to implemnt, but also need to show that we are making  progress.  So have a list and then choose one that has results and is  relevant. Templates - here's what we are working on and this is a focus presenting on.

Olga asks what we'd like to present and if we have any interesting results

    •   send withn a week a summary of what would be able to present1 hour 15  minutes BAE including questions so BAE wouild have 25 minutes.

Today's discussions

Outstanding Items 

(handled above)


altOf specOf property properties


Today's focus


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