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Meeting Information


  • Administrative
  • Around the room - please post online in advance
  • Outstanding Items
  • Focus: ipaw submissions


  • TIm
  • Jim
  • Deborah
  • Cynthia
  • James

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

(fill this out before meeting)


I did four things this week:

  • I
  • P
  • A
  • W

@Jim, Luc wants definitions for alternateOf/specOf RETURN TO: altOf definitions


  • Fuse pml trace
  • Using Validator for Fuse
  • Remote access ldap server
  • Non-PML Fuse data in IWBrowser

Meeting with Dan Hunter - checking the data. Something built by a cow shouldn't happen. Jiao. Will Jiao be available. - yes but obviously she is leaving in may. we should make sure that we have team members who can use it - in particular cynthia and tim Master's IT student assigned to validator. = low level items on trak RETURN TO: LDAP RETURN TO validator revival.


Same as Tim:

  • I
  • P
  • A
  • W

incorporating feedback, need to add a figure. @Tim, point me at the issue. RETURN TO :Caching scenario (Tim)


  • Discussions with Dan da-FUSEr on revised version of CADRE
  • Will impact usage of supporting/disconfirming evidence in FUSE
  • Revisiting supporting vs. disconfirming evidence representation in PML

no returns.


  • IPAW papers
  • I also bid on IPAW papers that I thought people in this group might want to review.
  • Fuse - we need skins/templates for presentations
  • No comments back from Sky from usgs on provenance – will ping him again
  • Confirming visit from musen in may (first week)
  • W3C - can not attend f2f (i thought it was going to be before ipaw) ACK!


Outstanding Items =

  • TODO: Paulo review/respond to Cynthia's comments. about jiao
  • ONGOING paulo send pointer when some PML-P-ization of PNNL/UTEP is available
  • TODO: Paulo and Deborah follow up on open science. - in particular with respect to DOE interests.
  • TODO REMAINS: Paulo send Tim email about data.gov Chris (main SW architect of data.gov). State interest about opening sci data. Tim will pass on to Chris.
  • RETURN TO conversion tool and CAT.
  • TODO REMAINS: Tim and Paulo discuss CAT += csv2rdf4lod offline
  • done: CYnthai to resend message and make sure EVan and Patrick knwo FUSE wants it.
    • they talked more, but waiting on an installation from Evan/Patrick.
    • TODO: cynthia summarize action items and ask when and how they get done.
  • TODO REMAINS: Jim add an example following http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/PROV_examples - into http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/Eg-7-magetab2rdf
    • TODO: Tim make sure mercurial reference is on prov examples page.
  • let rest: Jim to post predicate in row issue on github
  • WAITING: Tim, if the major predicate is in the row, turn that itn't a predicate.
  • RETURN TO pml api licensing
  • RETURN TO PML api to github as open source
  • RETURN TO: Deborah to approve move to github.
  • ONGOING: Paulo to ask if he can use svn with right license BSD.
  • RETURN TO: Paulo comments on HTTP explained paper

Today's discussions

Around the room

Outstanding Items


RETURN TO: altOf definitions

Currently: alternativeOf: An entity is alternate of another if they refer to a same thing. specializationOf: An entity is a specialization of another if the latter is a more general entity than the former. Proposed: alternativeOf: An entity is alternate of another if they specialize a common Entity. specializationOf: An entity is a specialization of another if the latter is a more general entity than the former.

RETURN TO validator

Jiao prov:ends in May. TODO: where is code, TODO: Tim what is masters student doing? What code access do they have? http://tw.rpi.edu/web/project/SWaMP/WorkingGroup/PML_Validator

RETURN TO Jim Caching scenario -> mirroring

discovery of alt locs for data. bottom up, provenance use to find alternative copies. prox NOT caching, mirroring If you have client/server transcoding, the provenance assertions between the sources will be different (since the manifestations are different), we need the FRBR stack to resolve that what the doctor saw was what was sent (at the expression level). Take the introduction up a level of abstraction to broaden its impact.



Today's focus - IPAW

Next weeks' focus: PROV-O

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