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Meeting Information


  • Administrative
  • Around the room - please post online in advance
  • Outstanding TODOs
  • Focus: indicator-based presentations with potential tie ins to datacube / d3


  • Tim
  • Deborah
  • Amar
  • James
  • Cynthia
  • Joanne
  • Paulo

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

(fill this out before meeting)

Jim M.

  • Mapped FRBR and FRIR to PROV
    • frbr has relations that are prov:wasDerivedBy and/or prov:alternateOf
  • Worked on LOBI, which will be a resource for sharing experimental descriptions. The base demonstration site will include all 12,000+ experiments from ArrayExpress, which will be converted using magetab2rdf.
  • Will be working on lit review of the use of metamodeling in provenance and data cubes. Known lit suggestions are more than welcome.

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RETURN TO: presentation  which will connect to cynthia's demo


  • fuse evaluation meeting participation - outcome is focus for james and cynthia on presentation options and and prototypes
  • sent email to usgs contact for additional provenance requirements - awaiting input - will impact class extensions to semantaqua
  • IPAW work
    • Tim's
    • Jim's
    • others?

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 in particular but all - - we need you to fill this in in advance

(we're taking notes below!)

RETURN cynthia's demo


PNNL is generating PMLP on people, orgs, publications, instruments. Going to triple store.

-question from deborah - is that available externally? :-) :-/ :-(   No>:-{   

  • would be nice to have RPI and UTEP do the same thing. UTEP is in process of doing it.

- but UTEP is doing it for UTEP info - where is that available? TODO _ paulo send pointer when it is available - as part of  i3 initiative 

TODO: Paulo show an example, so we can consider reproducing it.

tool "alfescho" tool, integrating derivia into alfescho. alfresho is a "drupal alternative" implemetned in java. Easy to get java into it. antonio coming up to PNNL. alfrehsco is integrated to semantic media wiki https://www.alfresco.com/ 

  • alfereacho CMS
  • CAT - data management system on top of lfaesscho
  • VELO is a web based access to CAT. Cool things like connecting to super computers.

7 year development.

  • reviewed a paper, has comments.

RETURN TO paper that Paulo reviewed

Outstanding action items

  • - paulo will call deborah, cynthia on the  issues jiao brought (cc inference web) also send an email first with the  questions and cynthia's provisional answers to inference-web  
  • paulo sent comments on the first round of jiao's input.  Cynthia forwarded a second round of comments
  • Paulo: they were all "tertiary" concepts less interesting than secondary.
  • TODO: Paulo review/respond to Cynthia's comments. about jiao
  • done: Paulo tell Deborah about Paulo's interest in community science.
    • DOE, NREL, Jim Hendler, data.gov, etc.
    • is there followup we should do here?  i gave a talk at NREL a few years ago on our semantic escience work
    • PNNL is funded by a branch of science - they care about how science can benefit a broader community.  broader than EERE (what is that?) ERE? Office of DOE for renewable energy
    • TODO: Paulo and Deborah follow up on open science. - in particular with respect to DOE interests.
  • let rest: Cynthia ask Patrick about twc local titanpad.
    • nothing new. last heard, we have one. Evan did. Needs to be brought up to date, apply patches. Patrick will decide which machine.
    • TODO: CYnthai to resend message and make sure EVan and Patrick knwo we want it.
  • REMAINS: Cynthia to point admin to Try this: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Apache-WebDAV-LDAP-HOWTO/
  • let rest: James model the confirming/disconfirming examples using ths property. (hasConfidence)  - focus has changed to conflicts from confirming/disconfirming
  • RETURN TO pml api licensing
  • RETURN TO PML api to github as open source
  • RETURN TO: Deborah to approve move to github.
  • ONGOING: Paulo to ask if he an use svn with right license BSD.
  • TODO REMAINS: Paulo send Tim email about data.gov Chris (main SW architect of data.gov). State interest about opening sci data. Tim will pass on to Chris.
  • RETURN TO conversion tool and CAT. 
  • TODO REMAINS: Tim and Paulo discuss CAT += csv2rdf4lod offline

Today's discussions

Around the room

handled above 

Outstanding TODOs 

handled above



Deborah's preamble:

Indicators  for "emergence" of technology based on indicators. Cynthia has taken 2  traces and presented in a UI -"for free" but UI too geeky.  James's  powerpoint attemps to put it into perspective. 

What is an "indicator" in fuse's context?


on to presentation


Need axioms specified - need also to be documented with comments.  where did this knowledge come from.


show what we can do for free in iw browser

Paulo - paper reviewed

interesting point identified by McCusker -  - evidence is that a new journal was launched.  No information about whether that journal is still around - at the end of this related document group but possibly also checking to see if this journal is still around on the outside web a higher level perspective on this comment is what might make this indicator more believable or less believable as a strong indicator of community of practice

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