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Meeting Information


  • Administrative
  • Around the room
  • Outstanding TODOs
  • Focus: (propose before meeting)


  • Tim (telephone and titanpad, no skype)
  • James
  • Cynthia
  • Paulo
  • Jim

Meeting Preparation

Around the room

(fill this out before meeting)


  • TWed last night
    • Helena Deus gave compliments
    • RETURNED TO was it as terrible as I think it was?
    • What did Jim want in his question? applied datafaqs to prov-o development
  • IPAW paper. sigh. Abstract next Friday, full following Friday.
  • Met with Chris Musialek, Chief SW Architect, Data.gov yesterday after my Twed talk
    • considering using datafaqs - but needs to see how to apply to his problem.
    • Paulo's DOE opendata interest?


What i would like to know though is if anyone other than tim is planning and IPAW contribution. I had also asked cynthia and paulo to talk about jiao's PML analysis and am hoping to see the results of that. It would also be useful to get any highlights of james & tim's discussion on the data . i think if paulo is on you can start with seeing which license issues surfaced.

Outstanding action items

ongoing James  - please make a list of questions to ask our team if we  think - a) we can get - b) what we want to obtain - 

ongoing c) discussion w/ Tim on encoding indicator/feature data in datacube  format - will allow us to leverage existing visualization technologies. 

ongoing for james next week - summarize status of what we have gotten or hope to get from NYU 

  • Currently, we are focusing on working with feature data originally provided to us by NYU
  • At present, my primary concern is establishing significance of specific content for drilldown
  • I highlight in design document on Datacube usage the notion of drilling down from individual observations to one or more types of feature data.
  • TIm says he ran into this on the prov comparison code - examples an owl constructs tables. can compare notes.

TODO REMAINS - paulo will call deborah, cynthia on the  issues jiao brought (cc inference web) also send an email first with the  questions and cynthia's provisional answers to inference-web 

done: Tim to email paulo to ask. (Paulo will do from home)

done: Tim to give Ryan's contact info to Paulo. (thank you very much, Tim) They are continuing the conversation. Funding source issues.

TODO: Jim tell Deborah about Paulo's interest in community science.

done: Tim to review James' examples.

TODO: Cynthia ask Patrick about twc local titanpad.

  • There is a local titanpad installed on "was" by Evan. I am waiting to hear from Evan and Patrick on:
    • Which machine to deploy titanpad.
    • Bring titanpad installation to date.
    • Work out using ldap for access control from titanpad server.
    • Assign admin duties.
    • PNNL would like to know what RPI have learned about installing titanpad locally (was it easy? difficult?)

done: Tim to send pointers to License decision makers.

ONGOING: James model the confirming/disconfirming examples using ths property. (hasConfidence)

TODO: Jim add an example following http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/PROV_examples - into  http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/Eg-7-magetab2rdf

WAITING: Tim, if the major predicate is in the row, turn that itn't a predicate. TODO: Jim to post predicate in row issue on github

Today's discussions

Around the room


No, PROV analysis was not done with DataFAQs. (only SADI and lodspeakr - being too quick and dirty)

TODO: Paulo send Tim email about Chris. State interest about opening sci data.


data cube modeling of use cases.

working on design document for confirming disconfirming hypotheses.


@james webdav server. do they mind having an extra user/pass? No access to LDAP for authentication. Would be separate u/p.



open data, discussed with NREL. NREL funded by EERE ( branch of DOE), PNNL funded by OS (a branch of DOE)

big difference. supporting scientists vs. renewable energy, outreach is not OS main concern.


scientists sharing data should not be the way they[WHO] are doing it right now.

opportunity for collaboration, but PNNL needs better way to disribute data to the crowd, need to understand data (and hence provenance).

Antonio to PNNL in two weeks. PML-P for all people, personel, org units, and instruments at PNNL (wow!), connecting it to CAT  the main content management system.


 :CAT :based_on :Alfresco  :VELO :based_on :CAT , :Semantic_Media_Wiki .

Paulo sees SADI <-> CAT connection

VELO (no link) has papers about it. Velo is based on Semantic Media Wiki. Mark Greaves was excited about VELO

VELO uses CAT, CAT built on Alfresco (java CMS)

Nick visiting PNNL (April 2 to April 11) Nick and Paulo will go see Chris Johnson and Valerio Pascucci at Utah Nick and Paulo will meet Kevin Ward (NASA and ESIP)

week 1-2 of April.

RETURN TO licensing

RETURN TO PML api to github as open source

RETURN TO conversion tool and CAT.



upcoming: cshals spec issue submission

ipaw 1st) http explained

ipaw 2nd) integrating frbr friar with prov.

RETURN to discuss frbr friar prov.

Outstanding TODOs 


twed talk

Jim's Feedback on talk: how to create an evaluation service. didn't see Call to action. (Tim intended not to give call to action, IPAW standing in way)

was well received on SADI list (Lena, Mark)


TODO:Cynthia to point admin to Try this: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Apache-WebDAV-LDAP-HOWTO/

CAT has webdave integrated.

RETURN TO licensing

TODO: return to it next week.

RETURN TO PML api to github as open source

On github doesn't matter to cynthia. Can move it over. TODO: Deborah to approve move to github. TODO: Paulo to ask if he an use svn with right license

RETURN TO conversion tool and CAT.

TODO: Tim and Paulo discuss CAT += csv2rdf4lod ffline

RETURN to discuss frbr friar prov.

what needs to change to go to IPAW? TODO: Jim to take a crack at it.

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