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Meeting Information


  • Deborah
  • James
  • Cynthia
  • Tim
  • Jim regrets (at conference)


  • Todo status from last week or before
  • Around the room
  • Focus:  - from last week's notes -  data cube 
  • related to this, how did the FUSE discussion go with relation to datacube?

Todo from last week

TODO REMAINS Jim McC todo - send email with the listing of prov terms integrated and how those map to pml   - still remains

TODO James  - please make a list of questions to ask our team if we think - a) we can get - b) what we want to obtain - TODO c) discussion w/ Tim on encoding indicator/feature data in datacube format - will allow us to leverage existing visualization technologies.

  • Tim needs encoding attempts at FUSE's examples in data cube.

TODO James - initial example by Feb 28  (earlier of course is better) Please include the need to reference the actual documents.  (this will bring in the solution that Tim brings up from the Vivo hackathon.   tim can find the relevant vivo solution

  • for example on slide 21 of the ppt presentation, we show an increase in the types of funding agencies - i expect we want to be able to provide a drill down to get the list or at least the beginning of the list if the list is giant.  what would it take to get that?
  • some progress - initiated discussion with NYU to see what we can get from them. - specific 

TODO for james next week - summarize status of what we have gotten or hope to get from NYU

TODO - tim and james come up with an email suggesting that bae use the data cube vocabulary - http://publishing-statistical-data.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/specs/src/main/html/cube.html  trying to make it as easy as we can for bae. this might help us get some quick, reusable interfaces ala jim mcc's popscigrid demo

TODO - cynthia - schedule a call with paulo, deborah, cynthia on the issues jiao brought (cc inference web) also send an email first with the questions and cynthia's provisional answers to inference-web

  • remaining to be done - send the provisional answers - it would be great to have this annotated with areas where you need the most input
  • cynthia's answers

TODO REMAINS: tim to propose changing time to 3pm on thursdays. ok with deborah, james, and cynthia

DONE: tim to send deborah draft at 3pm, call at 5pm to discuss

next week's topic: data cube 

Around the room

(fill this out before meeting)


  • Sky Bristol at USGS has suggestions for how we might add and use more provenance in the semantic water quality portal.
  • Deborah will be coming back to group requests for provenance requirements if one is expanding our current demos to include a citizen contributed portion  (i need this for the community science proposal I am working on)
    • TODO: Tim talk about moving the CKAN ball forward (person posts scans, different people push forward)
  • FUSE is the largest current driver for new explanation / provenance requirements for our work.  Please help James and Cynthia in particular when they ask for reviews and suggestions
  • question - is there a technology solution that both tim and paulo can use from their work environments?
    • TODO: Tim to email paulo to ask.


  • wrote WebSci ext abstract. Will finish it tomorrow and submit.
  • prov-dm WD4 review
  • prov-o owl file updates
    • prov:qualified range prov:Involvement 
    • prov:EntityInvolvement and prov:ActivityInvolvement subclass of prov:Involvement.
    • avoiding prov:TimedInvolvement with just prov:Timed onProp prov:occurredAt prov:Instant
    • crazy number of responses and ISSUES that we (I) need to address...


  • Beginning discussions w/ Cynthia on Inference Web implementation work for FUSE system
  • Have generated requirements listing, based on prior work with Use Case + Ontology/Explanation working groups


Around the room

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