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Meeting Information


  • IEEE IS accepted - see deborah's email in response to acceptance note
  • Cynthia is leading the effort to make pml proofs viewable after a login prompt (in response to FUSE needs) - cynthia please give update
  • Jim M is leading a proposal effort in response to the NSF smart health and well being - jim please give status and make any requests
  • James is leading the effort to determine "indicator-driven" explanation presentations driven by FUSE needs
  • Prov-o / Provenance working group issues
  • other?


  • Tim
  • Cynthia
  • Jim
  • Deborah will be online only (at data2012 meeting today in indy)




Tim will pick it up tomorrow and we'll go from there.

Making PML Proofs Viewable

We have two choices to host pml docs: 1. IW wiki. Since wiki does not have acl built in, we need to add an extension to handle the     group/user/document access restrictions. 2. TW Drupal site. But it is not easy to use. 3. WebDAV - shared access to documents, uses access control.    WebDAV howto for ubuntu: http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-set-up-webdav-with-apache2-on-ubuntu-8.10 So, this isn't making pml proofs viewable. This is just powerpoint and word doc management? The service should be available to project group users to publish, view, edit pml proofs, plain documents, powerpoint presentations, word documents, etc.

NSF Smart Health and Well Being Grant Submission

  • marketecture diagram
  • clinical avatars
  • conceptual interop
  • datafaqs applied to datasets (and it's application to completeness and evaluating individual records)
    • example or hints on application
  • example to walk through - smoking and early death

Determining "indicator-driven" explanation presentations

  • Currently, work is starting at BAE on formalization of FUSE indicators in OWL.
  • BAE is reviewing types of things that would help analysts understand why the indicator value was computed as was, as a means of indicator validation
  • EXAMPLE: For a count of unique people who published in an area, providing a list of names (could help in spotting duplicate names (E.g., John Smith, John R. Smith)
  • Currently, BAE considering two issues:
    • "Why is this the value of the indicator?"
    • "Why did this indicator pattern emerge?"

PROV/PROV-O working group issues

3rd pwd of DM is done. It has "everything" but accounts and identifiers (the focus of 4th wd). That seems to be the end of the pipeline, so this is the full menu of what we have to use.

"universe of discourse" discussions came from definition last week "elements of discurouse must be identifiable" - so the question was _what_ could be mentioned in prov. This is analogous to enumerating what classes exist in owl, and which binary relations may be reified.

Other business


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