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Meeting Information


  • PROV-O process  (Deborah's update of leaders call today)
  • PROV-O Semantics: Specialization http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/FormalSemanticsStrawman#Specialization
  • fuse update also from james michaelis and cynthia - discussion of offline use of inference web tools.  (hopefully paulo will be on for this)
  • Report from HICSS (deborah)  
  • Status report from Jim McCusker on when to schedule live demo for NCI
  • discussion about Smart Health NSF call - potential follow on to popscigrid next gen



  • Tim
  • Deborah
  • Paulo
  • Jim McCusker
  • Cynthia
  • James Michaelis


prov-o process

no links from final DM to final PROV-O HTML

Luc to annotate DM doc with issues outstanding. (in the next week approximately)

Mike Lang to join as editor for prov-o.

List of PROV-O questions about DM - prov-o should not hold out on it. f2f prov-o portion will be scheduled satya, tim, deborah  (and mike lang) can make it on the call



Deborah_at_stanford :employer :Stanford ; prov:specializationOf :Deborah .
Deborah_at_rpi          :employer :RPI ;         prov:specializationOf :Deborah .
Deborah_at_stanford prov:alternateOf :Deborah_at_rpi .


network isolation. How to use tools in such an environment?

confirming and anit-confirming


NIC wants live demo of what was shown there. This is the current best candidate for using as a basic timeline: http://www.filamentgroup.com/examples/slider_v2/index3.php

Are we done with the agenda? I need to leave for another meeting. No objections? TTYL :-) -Tim I'll put the notes on the wiki.

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