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Meeting Information


  • PROV (request from deborah - could we get a status report on progress/issues?)
  • Report from HICSS - talk went very well - thx in particular to jim and tim


  • Tim
  • Jim
  • Deborah (regrets; HICSS)


  • Reviewed http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/Using_graphs_to_model_Accounts using feedback from prov-wg via email and the telecon time.
    • will replace Activities with :account prov:wasAttributedTo :person
    • will ask for qualified wasAttributedTo, so one may describe the activities behind the account making.
    • decided that it _was_ worthwhile to motivate that a triple store maintainer should explicitly map the local sd:names their abstract graphs, so that external naming can be aligned with minimal user effort.
    • agreed to use a two-level argument (frbr:Items and frbr:Expressions)
  • Reviewed PROV-DM's "identifier" issues and its incompatibilities with W3C's AWWW and RDF.
    • Jim sent email to list to revisit the topic.

? did we get cynthia and jim at this meeting? we should have included a fuse update also from james michaelis. next week we should get that as well.

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