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Meeting Information


  • IEEE IS paper due tomorrow
  • Paulo/UTEP coordination
  • USGS call tomorrow
  • Cynthia/James demo status on FUSE
  • Jim's demo for popscigrid (but jim if timing is short and you do not need IW input, we could do this at 5
  • logistics for the holidays and also run up to demos jan 3-5


  • Tim (skypeless and first caller)
  • Jim
  • James
  • Deborah
  • Paulo
  • Cynthia



Online supplemental material: https://github.com/timrdf/csv2rdf4lod-automation/wiki/frbr:mccusker2012parallel Submitted PDF: https://github.com/timrdf/csv2rdf4lod-automation/raw/master/doc/publications/mccusker2012parallel.pdf

  • image of figure: mccusker2012parallel-use-case-frbr.png

Use new figure, remove 3 of 4 instance data figures. Pick a figure with different manifestations.


USGS call

need to get goto meeting set up for this

  • USGS call tomorrow
    • john did demo page - will get url - 


need to set up net meeting.




    • IWBrowser demo: 


  • todo cynthia - please send email on what we are waiting for from BAE.  hopefully with examples
  • todo cynthia  - offer to have a phone call with him if that helps him get the information set.
  • todo cynthia - make the browswer display what we have a bit better
  • todo james - continue on the positive and negative evidence homework on both how to represent and also how to display.
  • todo james - get a proof (with dan) to include both positive and disconfirming evidence
  • todo james - remind dan that the english labels are what we could use to take his example and put it into the story board.

Jim Demo popscigrid

gemini:/srv/logd/data/source/nci-nih-gov ls */version/*/manual

taxation and bans are by state

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