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Meeting Information


  • FUSE debrief


  • Tim
  • Cynthia
  • James
  • Deborah
  • Jim


Here is a request from the IARPA PM (Dewey) on what we should be presenting during the site visit: 

I need to understand the document features that you plan to  exploit, the language processing techniques to be employed, and your  general approach to evidence representation with specific examples of  the types of data and evidence to be presented. In addition to  understanding the approach that you’ve selected, I would like to  understand why you’ve selected particular hypotheses, features,  techniques, evidence types, and other data types for exploration, and  the alternatives that you considered but are not exploring. This context  will help me craft the FUSE research narrative that I will be sharing  with my leadership and government partners. 

Two examples Emerging technology is likely to attract scientists early in their  careers, and also high profile scientists from other disciplines  ^^ two examples of indicators - these don't seem like indicators, but characteristics that would be indicated. (I see indicators as dimensions in a feature vector)

Relation to Stephan's http://tw.rpi.edu/web/project/MDSA/ProductQualityModelPrimer ? (basis for good/bad/ugly valuation of underlying measurements)    New terminologies start to appear, first in the full text of patents and later in the claims 

=== James' slides === 

slide 5 says "Limited support in RDF for annotations on edges." - but it is well known how to do this  (the DAG is not the actual data model, it is the VIEW on the data model)

Todo - james update slide 3   –Potential challenges in encoding Test &Evaluation model in RDF.

and slide 5 slide 6  (add or PROV-O after eg)


Todo - james - add at least in the notes if not on the main slide - the PML terms  (particularly around slides 8-9 

todo - james / cynthia slide 16. james encode pml for this example and give to cynthia to do a proof combination display and also a screen capture

todo - jim mcc - do the pml version of the patent example

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