IW Meeting 2011-11-04

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Meeting Information


  • Tim
  • Jim Mc
  • James Mic
  • Deborah (phone from car)
  • Alvaro
  • Paulo (40 min late)
  • Cynthia



The paper link is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UQGatVYktMrh7DP3vzgY_527siVjycL5uBNdH5_wJc4/edit?hl=en_US

We are "almost" done:

 Outstanding assigned tasks are:

  • HTTP POST method (Jim)
  • HTTP HEAD, OPTIONS, etc (Dom)
  • Implementation (Jim)

I think we have the semiotics down now, more or less. If we want to send it to Pat Hayes for feedback, we can probably do that now (or never). The Sowa-specific discussion fell away, though, so he may not be as interested in looking at it anymore, I don't know.

Unassigned sections include:

  • Discussion
  • Conclusion

Misc tasks:

  • seeking references

Transaction Digest is the provenance, no?

now I do not have the telecom info (and no skype). pls let me know the number to call.

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