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Meeting Information


Outstanding items from last week (or before)

todo - Jim McC will write up the explanation of HTTP transactions from previous discussions.

  • November 1st, 2011 Abstracts for papers due
  • November 7th, 2011 Papers due

http://inference-web.org/wiki/IW_Meeting_2011-09-22   has some info about the paper


  • RDF-WG
  • Linked Science
  • FUSE
  • WWW paper
  • possibly if time w3c prov


  • Tim
  • Jim
  • Cythia
  • Deborah and James



Tim continuing to announce.

3:30 Thursday and Friday? Deborah going, Tim might.


Graph (instance of RDF abstract graph), GraphContainer (where you put it e.g. sparql endpoint GRAPH {}), GraphSerialization (turtle, rdf/xml, etc)

SPARQL 1.1 is confounding GraphContainer and Graph, will lead to issues for RDF 1.1 and PROV (because they need the distinction).

Linked Science

pgroth: why 4 levels?

use and reuse in bibliographic community.

1 - carving out time-space 2 - spatial-temporal similarities among time-space 3 - what is being said, independent of spatial structure 4 - conceptual, abstract message that can have different expressions at different times

what about biospecimens?

levels could be different - 

  • bispecimens are not info resources

James FUSE



  • todo - tim send email either way if he is going to the fss
  • todo - tim contact david wood on what david needs for the panel presentation
  • todo - jim get up the linked science talk on both the iw wiki as well as the tw web site tagged appropriate so it shows up on the inference web project page
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