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Meeting Information


  • Tim (I am Skypeless)
  • Jim
  • Deborah
  • Cynthia


  • IW browser in Paulo's system (Antonio PML += foaf) w.r.t. ESIP
  • Confirm time change
  • prov-wg Roles
  • IEEE IS paper


PML += foaf for ESIP

datatype vs. objectproperty

Cynthia, datatype and objectype property - how to handle? value in web site - don't know if it's a datatype or objectproperty. a foaf:Organization - tw.rpi.edu, but not dpecified. How to treat as objectproperty. e.g.  http://www.thewrestlingrevolution.com/testing/foaf3.owl

<foaf:workInfoHomepage rdf:resource="http://trust.cs.utep.edu/derivA/"/> <pmlp:isMemberOf rdf:resource='http://rio.cs.utep.edu/ciserver/ciprojects/pmlp/UTEP.owl#UTEP'/>                  Default guess?

cynthia typed on skype - for a property, if it is not specified either datatype or object, which one we should prefer?

TODO: Cynthia to send email examle to IW list.

Meeting time change proposal

Tim asked that we change the time of our telecon to something other than noon.

On the 15th, we'll keep noon.

For 22nd and beyond, does 3:30pm ET work for everybody? What are considerations for switching to that? Does anyone have a hard stop?

  • Tim: 3:30 works, no hard stops.
  • Jim: Yes, no hard stops.
  • Deborah (will be away 22nd and 29th)
  • Paulo 3:30 to 4:30 (hard stop at 4:30)
  • Cynthia: 3:30 works
  • Geoff (wait for Deborah)

used :Entity is Role and has ipvOf

TODO: raise issue on prov-wg to make sure this is the case. Jim.


Put full diagram on web and point to it.

Paulo: Why is the URL a work? good explanation on the difference betwen a URL and a content of a URL.

  • we say URL should be work. content is Item.

"content" is manifestation, (Jim says; Tim disagrees; at least expression but work would be better).

Paulo: This should be an entire section (it is the basis of what we are doing).

Paulo: before introducing anything else. An entire section JUST the connection between FRBR work, FRBR Item, and connection between URIs and URI request results.

Information resources that are remotely access is sophisticated and we can describe those details.

Work and Item clarify URL and it's request results.

Expression and Manfiestation are just as important bout describing what is behind the URL.

bit image of what was transferred is the manifestation.

manifestation is the bit pattern (can be described in a message digest).

Expression is built into HTTP already with conneg. When you ask for a mimetype, a URL can respond with all sorts of different files depending on hwo the conneg plays out. You ask for plain text, it tries to find the best way of representing it in plain text. all representations should be equivalent at the expression level (according to HTTP). "in princile the same content (expression, really)".

Paulo: WWW paper coming soon. We should submit "HTTP explained". TODO

agent X and agent Y - showing how Items are differnt and rest is same.

this scenario is afundamental process in Linked Open Governmetn Data.


  • 1 and 2
  • naive 2 and 3
  • 3 and 4 (even from excel to rdf via csv A Big Thing)
  • 2, part of 4, and 5

NOTE: sameness between works is NOT permanent. (only while it holds)

FRBR "Stacks"

Independently generated URIs.

sameas at any one level does NOT imply any samenesas about at the other levels.

Deborah: title should include "towards" or "discussion topics" - but worthy of discussion

middle sameAs - what we're providing is as good as what the government provided.

paulo: one section on what has been added to FRBR so taht FRBR people can benefit. (digests)

give highlights - our approach solves some sameAs issues in other paper. point to larger pre-tech report on web with this diagram.

CFP: http://www.computer.org/portal/web/computingnow/iscfp2 Author Guidelines: http://www.computer.org/portal/web/computingnow/www.computer.org/intelligent/author

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