IW Meeting 2011-08-18

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Meeting Information


  • Deborah
  • Cynthia
  • todo Cynthia to update http://inference-web.org/proofs/csctest/iwp-pml-2.rdf to have the content of what is in pml-3 (it is better for the browser). She is doing this so that reviewers get the best file. Also, she is adding a comment that includes a link to view this in the browser and she will send us all email when done.
  • todo - Jim for the next version, we should get rid of the number after iwp-pml - thus the latex/pdf needs to be updated
  • cynthia has moved over the combine-related publs. we should make sure we do not have other pages though that are only on stanford.
  • todo - cynthia to copy over notes from this week onto the iw page for meeting notes.
    • note that some notes are in the skype as well as the titanpad


  • status on paper submission (Jim led getting it in).
    • Are there remaining update issues?
    • are the pages that it is pointing to updated as expected?
      • status from Geoff/ cynthia on tptp combine and paper writing
      • status - on hold until next round of use cases
      • status on todos
  • todo - cynthia please augment the combine and improve page to include related publications with links - cynthis needs to update this with the full citations.


To do

  • todo cynthia and paulo meet on monday on the nimd demo page
  • todo jim update us/uk foreign aid demo
  • todo jim or cynthia to move over notes from last week to the IW meeting page
  • todo jim make a suggestion for an update to the primer so that others do not misinterpret it the way jim did (and re-confirm that it is actually correct)
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