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Meeting Information


  • Deborah is traveling
  • Tim, Li
  • Stephan
  • Cynthia
  • Jim (regrets)



Proof Combining

Geoff is away. Will be working on the final draft Monday and Tuesday. TODO: Please read draft and provide feedback by Monday. TODO: Tim to add URL to draft. (13th?) TODO: Cynthia to send out a copy of the reviewers comments. TODO: Tim to follow up with Allen. http://inference-web.org/wiki/PxTP_submission_2011_reviewer_comments

= Scheduling

Paulo's visit


The old school wish list (I dated the URI for a reason :-) http://inference-web.org/wiki/September_2010_plan_for_PML_2.1

time: 9-5

0) Recap of why PML is awesome - what are our driving principles?
 -- presented by ...?
1) PML in (Real World) Action (9-10:30)
  1.1) Tim's scenario
  1.2) CSIRO
  1.3) NASA Goddard's use (should be close to tweaks)
2) prov-wg review and strategy (FRBR) (10:30-11) (1-2)
  2.1) Present W3C scenarios and discuss potential PML implementations/  
  2.2) How to make PML PIL-compliant?
  2.3) What have this group learned that can be tranfered to the future provenance standard? - make a document to give them?
prov-wg telecon (11-noon)
working lunch (noon-1)
3)  Open discussion about PML  (2-4)
  - Why should we NOT just throw out PML? (Tim wanted this to start as common ground)
  - What is truly bad about PML? (No, we need "Why is PML really good?")
  - Can we fix PML weaknesses? (No, what are its strengths)
  - How can we keep doing research on provenance without having anything to replace 
    PML? (Why can't OPM/others replace PML in our research?)
  - What PML has that OPM/others do not have?
  - PML is very closest one to the PIL (TL: s/PIL/FRBR/?) (SZ - not sure on that statement - RE: PIL)
  - Distinction of content and it's encoding - but machines only work with the encoding. Pushing the artifacts around the machines affects the content that we actually care about, but we are still dependent on the encoding to transfer the content :-(
   (Tim suggest deferring 3 to mailing list discussion (or a paper?))
4) Outstanding Requests to PML development and usage (4 -4:30)
  4.1) Paulo's requests -- new ontological properties
5) conclusion and review (4:30-5)
  nail down important point of the report of this workshop

optional session:

  • introduction to PML landscape (if allen join us)
  • gallery of IW apps/tools ( one per slide, for PR purpose), include citations, potential youtube video demos if possible.
  • Tim's use cases, need feedback

TODO: develop infererence-web.org Demos SPARQL-queriable PML as Linked Data it's not the process of how an artifact was created, but other aspects that constitute the context of the artifact.

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