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Meeting Information


  • Tim (here)
  • Stephan (here)
  • Deborah (here)
  • Jim McC
  • Cynthia (awaiting)
  • Li (here)
  • Paulo (regrets)
  • Geoff (regrets)


  • prov-wg
    • Tim nominated to prov-wg and on listserv.
    • Paulo an invited expert in prov-wg?
    • July 6 and 7th. Boston f2f prov-wg
      • Jim Myers has conflict on 6th but may make the 7th; he is interested in the Modeling task force.
    • Tim meeting with Jim Myers tomorrow 1pm to discuss wg.
  • Paulo's 30 June visit to RPI agenda
  • UTEP to move to escience svn and verify that all of their stuff works.
  • Yangfan's request for examples
    • Tim sent her some materials for the converter. She will be away for some weeks.
  • Any comments on source vs. information?
  • Nobody's tool can handle Tim's PML
  • FRBR
  • Tim prototyped chained named graph loads [1] [2].
  • Rescheduling IW telecons until July 1st
  • "crossing-over" proofs
    • GA explorations from Bruno Paleo
  • (deprecate hasInferenceEngineRule and replace it with hasAgentRule). Cynthia should be able to further discuss this modification with the group.

Ongoing Items

  • Create Recipes/FAQ?
  • Tim to incorporate Deborah's feedback for layer page
  • Tim's current modeling for HTTP POST - how can he get a review? (e.g., [3] didn't work March 3rd)
  • IW Browser can't handle Tim's LOGD example
    • Cynthia to document preferred URI design
    • Tim to document his current design
    • Tim to review Cynthia's documentation and discuss disparities.
  • Jitin's Lehigh bench mark for PML.
  • Tim "we are happy to have new members" verbiage for mailing list.
  • 14 Apr Paulo gives written description of a process for data calibration, or stat analysis. [4]
  • FRBR and provenance of written papers.
  • Publishing
  • uncertainty with provenance
  • Paulo give links to youtube videos after he adds audio to it.
  • CSIRO getting IW browser code
  • PML API code examples on escience svn.
  • Tim to review Nick's PML Network API javadoc.
  • Nick to add PML Network API to escience SVN

prov-wg telecon notes

(Tim was scribing) Stephan, Tim, Paulo, and Jim Myers were on call We talked about "Resource"

- resource discussion.  resource - the thing for whose provenance we are discussing.  

17 concepts recommended from incubator group. could someone post the link? http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/ProvenanceConcepts are those 17 "pure" listing: http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/ProvenanceConcepts listing based on example 1: http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/CharterConceptsIllustration "concepts" are relationships AND entities. (eg. derivation and generation) have they converged to the names? no concensus. Memberships for Task Force have not been defined, looks like it will just fall out of contribution to those deliverables. Stephan's concept listing. e.g. "Method" Michael Compton from semantic sensor network ontology. Method, Plan, ProcessInvocation "take barometric pressure", <how to describe to achieve the Method>, "went and ran it" separating intent/goal and what you will actuall execute, and the actual invocation. Andrew/CSIRO wants to capture intention wg needs example + questions to justify the concept. Tim: we need to do this imparallel, since wg is not looking for new examples. AGU abstract? TODO: Tim to pull Stephan's concepts to wiki. - Tie to drupal site. wg's "Version" not present in Stephan's example. our "Context" - wg's "Account", but do they match up? Deborah: having the terms mapped to the vocabularies. http://inference-web.org/wiki/Review_of_prov-xg%27s_Provenance_Vocabulary_Mappings https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?hl=en&key=tPkCvI1tNPxxJlQQQ9WD0mQ&hl=en#gid=0 http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/prov/wiki/Provenance_Vocabulary_Mappings Reviewing our efforts in light of the concepts:

  • Tim and LOGD (this was not the instance analysis)

which PML terms are we actually using?

  • instance analysis. for the well use concepts in PML, what is missing in the prov-xg's term mappings? TODO

distribution across PML ontology, then of those what maps into the prov-xg's mappings (into the current concept list)

  • this give evidence that we actually need it.
  • answer: did they map to the "right" subset of PML?
  • answer: which of the provenance concept listing (17) should we be focusing on? (based on the instance-level distribution)
  • TODO: classify "types" of PML - who made it, what it is describing (e.g. TPTP)

TODO: Tim work through the instance-based evaluation of the PML constructs

  • mini-updates with Deborah

30 June Paulo visiting

Stephan hasn't planned when he's coming - would be good to overlap. Else, joining by phone would be good for pieces of day. todo - tim to do concepts (from email) on wiki (while stephan is doing scenario)

  • follow w3c's wg style

TODO - Stephan to generate a plan/method/process provenance scenario + questions wiki page on IW wiki TODO - Michael Compton, other CSIRO members accounts on IW wiki CSIRO needs.

TODO: Tim to announce agenda (include CSIRO scenario on 30 June discussion) TODO: Tim to get IW wiki accounts for Michael CSIRO (perhaps Corne)

CSIRO's IW Browser

Cynthia sent it to them, said he's check it out 2 weeks ago. Cynthia hasn't heard. todo - deborah check in with corne on the iwbrowser testing - email sent 5/26 by dlm He wanted Jiao's validator (deborah did not check on this since tim is still testing) todo - deborah check with yangfan

PML tool loading

    1.  ?? in tim's example

non-resolvability of PML instances. discussion is 2 things:

  • IW browser needs to handle "from just one file"
  • design notes should describe how PML creators can create "good" ideal URIs

PML Validator will allow toggling URI resolvability check when POSTING RDF for validation. TODO: Tim to give pointers to the two test vocabs.


(deprecate hasInferenceEngineRule and replace it with hasAgentRule). Cynthia should be able to further discuss this modification with the group. Tim says it's all good: GRAPH <done> {

   pmlp:hasAgentRule rdfs:domain pmlp:Agent; 
                                   rdfs:range pmlp:InferenceRule .
   pmlp:hasInferenceEngineRule rdfs:subPropertyOf  pmlp:hasAgentRule .


GRAPH <just_added_2.1> {

   pmlj:hasInferenceAgent rdfs:domain pmlj:InferenceStep ;
       rdfs:range pmlp:Agent .
   pmlj:hasInferenceEngine rdfs:subPropertyOf pmlj:hasInferenceAgent .

} PMLP:hasInferenceEngineRule: Before: pmlj:hasInferenceEngine has range of InferenceEngine

           pmlp:InferenceEngine has hasInferenceEngineRule property.

Now: pmlj:hasInferenceEngine has range of Agent

        pmlp:Agent does not have hasAgentRule property

Can we add property hasAgentRule to Agent? If we can add hasAgentRule, do we still want to keep hasInferenceEngineRule? InferenceEngineRule is a subclass of Agent, so InferenceEngine can also use hasAgentRule for the purpose of "having rule". TODO: Cynthia write this up in a proposal. FRBR Pamphlet: http://www.loc.gov/cds/downloads/FRBR.PDF TODO: Tim to schedule the IW telecons Deborah gone next week.

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