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Meeting Information


  • Tim, Jim, Cynthia
  • Geoff
  • Paulo
  • Yangfan (regrets)
  • Li (away)
  • Deborah - first phone and then at rpi


  • w3c prov-wg debrief
  • proof combo paper
  • progress on the pml api documentation and examples - Cynthia, Tim, Jim


w3c prov-wg

task forces:

  • Model - a common interchange model of provenance. human readable and formal.
  • Access and Query - using web architecture to go ask for the provenance of some resources (how do I get a hold of prov)
  • Connection task force - reach out to the communities.
  • Implementation and test cases - take standard and ensure it gets implemented properly. need 2 implementations.

w3c prov-wg debrief

Paulo concerned that different task forces not coordinating.

Tim: conceptual decomposition, not group partitioning.

Paulo: Invite Eric Stephan to IW meetings?

Tim: IW meetings orienting towards responding and preparing for w3c telecons?

Paulo and Deborah need backward compatibility. Paulo: students do, too to finish degrees.

Jim: looking to replace PML with PIL, or contribute what we can to PIL

Paulo: PML is an implementation of PIL


Tim: test cases that emphasize needs beyond OPM.

Deborah joined.

Deborah: did we get a sense of preference to previous work? Paulo: they predefined the task forces without asking group.

Deborah: working group MO: make clear suggestions in documented way. do pre-rounds with similar members.


Paulo interested in adding PML Network API into PML API. Cynthia and Tim moved Google Code svn to RPI's escience SVN server.

new code base handles multiple types e.g. something can be a Source or Information.

Paulo: Source and Info different - use FRBR to resolve?

Work (pmlp:Source) Expression (pmlp:Source) Manifestation (pmlp:Source) Item (pmlp:Information)

Paulo: mixing up container with content of container.

Example that breaks Paulo's desired disjointness: retrieve file from web. URL is the Source, File is the Information Grab the 5th row of that File. File is a Source, that Line is the Information.

done: Tim to write up the non-disjointness: How pmlp:Information becomes a pmlp:Source

Talking about the same thing

TODO: Paulo to invite http://people.lis.illinois.edu/~renear/renearcv.html to introduce FRBR. diagram of FRBR OWL ontology: https://github.com/timrdf/csv2rdf4lod-automation/blob/master/doc/ontology-diagrams/frbr-core.pdf?raw=true

Proof combination

Cynthia can't run until Sunday, will run when she gets home.

Still need that last run to make the paper interesting.

obe: group give comments to Geoff NLT Monday noon.

back to PML API

we are moving to the SVN on escience. https://scm.escience.rpi.edu/svn/public/pml-api

TODO: UTEP to move to escience svn and verify that all of their stuff works.

svn checkout https://scm.escience.rpi.edu/svn/public/pml-api

NOTE: google code is DEAD for now. Once we are all on escience SVN we will reconsider moving back to google code's SVN.

Logistics for summer

time of IW.

prov-wg is 60-90 minutes.

Tim: 3 hours of telecon across lunch undesirable.

July 6 and 7th. Boston f2f prov-wg

Paulo visiting RPI 30 June

IW 12:30 (just after w3c call)

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