IW Meeting 2011-04-21

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Meeting Information


  • Tim
  • Leo
  • Yangfan
  • Li
  • Jim Mc
  • Geoff
  • Deborah (Skype/titanpad only) - i will only be online for this meeting. my meetings today start at 8 pacific time
  • Cynthia
  • Paulo


  • proof combination
    • PML for the paper example available?
    • Fig 2 - directionality of edges ("false" the roots?)
    • How to determine the "sub-DAG rooted at a {replaced, replacing} node"?
    • notation for the equiv mappings?
  • pvload report back from Tim, Leo, Nick, and Jitin.
  • Tim preparing converter code for using PML API.
  • SOMP Friday planned for tomorrow.


Proof combination

Still see ways to make heuristic better. prefers self-combinations before non-self combinations.

unfortunately, behind where we thought we'd be.

Tim's questions

    • PML for the paper example available?

It is the AB proof.

    • Fig 2 - directionality of edges ("false" the roots? yes.)
    • How to determine the "sub-DAG rooted at a {replaced, replacing} node"?

Geoff gave answer for Fig 2. 8 nodes rooted on e in Target sub-DAG

    • notation for the equiv mappings? none explicit. Tim said would help him work through the algorithm.

Cynthia coming up

monday morning. friday

Cynthia to tell Tim what two 2-hour blocks they should work together.

Cynthia - Deborah would like to meet with you and Patrick 10-noon on monday if possible and also thurs aft. Cynthia - could you put up a schedule someplace online so we can make sure others get on it and also confirm with patrick that those blocks still work?

Jim M coming up Thursday, will meet with Cynthia.

Leo - PML-R vs SAW

was looking at PML-R http://inference-web.org/2.0/pml-relation.owl

trying to understand connection to semantic abstract workflows (SAW).

Li sent Leo some info, and they are essentially different but some overlap.

e.g. "is output of"

PML-R defining relations at the instance level, vs. SAW is doing it at the ontology level.

Li's objective was trying to connect PML to OPM with PML-R. Li's objective was to ease SPARQL Li's objective was proof combining (having simpler structure and save memory and easy complex proofs)

  • tried to preserve tree structure.
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