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Meeting info


  • wgets
  • human attribution
  • opendap
  • probe-it 2


Tim Free: 12-4 EST <==> 10-2 MNT

               Leo free before 11, after 2MNT

Rescheduling meeting to 3pm EST 1pm MNT for all 4 of us (including Leo)

probe-it 2 lighter version b/c relies upon visko. next version might be javascript. leaving browser becomes awkward.




class distribution predicate distrubtion (timing out)

pcurl.sh http://iwepad.titanpad.com/26

   a pmlp:Source;
   irw:redirectsTo <http://iwepad.titanpad.com/26?&cookieShouldBeSet=1>;

   a pmlp:Source;

   a pmlp:Information;
   #### pmlp:hasURL <26>; ##???
   pmlp:hasReferenceSourceUsage <sourceUsage_d57ca5d0-a994-4b46-a1ee-4f65c8d88e73_content>;
   nfo:hasHash <md5_ed3ebd38f658cb758423c1a7307204cc>;

   a pmlp:SourceUsage;
   pmlp:hasSource        <http://iwepad.titanpad.com/26?&cookieShouldBeSet=1>;
   pmlp:hasUsageDateTime "2011-03-01T15:38:06-05:00"^^xsd:dateTime;

Twice as many NodeSets as Information? We'd expect 1:1 But more NodeSets are ok because we just have more justifications for the same Informations.

UTEP's experiences: different files assert different hasURLs on the same instance URI of information these get accumulated when aggregating them together. 1 info with many hasURLs BAD.

IN how many ways ARE we justifying the same Information?

Tim is using multiple antecedents

hasURL should be inverse functional?

TODO: cite example queries on UTEP into Layer page for instance analysis.

90 Inference Engines! most of them are subsequent versions of a larger grouping (hashing the curl, hashing the converter - should be binned)

Nick: if you are naming the new engine, are you naming a new rule? UTEP is making a lot more inferencerules contextualizeing the RULE according to the InferenceEngine. reusing a lot of SAW (Leo) saw:Algorithm => InferenceRule. different b/c in different namespace. each inferenceengine has unique set of inferencerules. Tim: Where do the namespaces get used? Every workflow has it's own namespace. Tim: Can you escape your namespace? Nick: No. Doubt you can reuse. Cannot import a SAW, only another ontology.

  • different wgets - what (w)gives?
    • Tim's wget is different from Jitin's wget params.
    • Tim's wget params do not work for Jitin's web directory URLs
    • anyone interested in taking a look?
  • human attribution on InferenceStep (provenir, hartig, and OPM -- but not PML)
    • revisiting all of the information-level "dots" and adding citations to the people involved in those steps.
  • opendap?
    • Leo was there , Jitin and Nick were not.
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