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Meeting info


  • Tim
  • Nick


Tuesday at 3pm as well, Tim might not be able to make it.



First level - not a lot of constraints Second level - some constraints Later levels - more constraints

(Have they decided to have a WG?)

PNNL - other depts: Seismic models in Geology

Tim: Trying to establish scope for what need/should be done. Then sketch in who is covering the different aspects. Then identify the missing gaps. (What does a Layered PML design look like?)

P -> P_cp + P_r + P_r1 + P_r2 (P J -> j1 + j2 T


  • understanding the tools (what they need)
  • easier third-party adoption of PML
  • extensibility - aligning with other ontologies
  • incremental development (adding things to PML)

Multiple purposes:

  • Documentation (examples for people to know what to)
  • Test cases

Version-control the test cases and make it available for those trying to understand the tool.

Probe-It loads bookmarks - things they know it loads.

Definitely can assist in compiling a list of assumptions that probeit/visko make about the PML they are visualizing

What Tim is doing:

anyhoo, the LOGD takes csv, converts to rdf using parameterized structural interpretations. the process is PML captured using some tools I ginned up. [1/31/11 4:03:08 PM] Tim L: prov-xg mappings - I want to tweak the table they have to make it parsable and cast it to SKOS encoded in RDF.

UTEP SPARQL Queries: http://trust.utep.edu:8080/sparql-pml/

crawls CI Server: http://rio.cs.utep.edu/ciserver/CI-Projects

Where else was Jitin crawling PML instances?

  • Leo's SAWs
  • RPI

e.g. hasPropertyFormat on Information (not)

  • essential for visualizing
  • but people focused on just querying.
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