IW Meeting 2011-01-27

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Meeting info



  • Paulo - here
  • Deborah - here
  • Tim - here
  • Li - here
  • Stephan - here
  • Cynthia - here
  • Geoff - left
  • Jitin - here
  • Nick - here - without phone
  • Jim - here
  • James - here


Previous Items

  • Geoff to answer Li's questions (lattice)
  • Cynthia, Stephan, and Tim to review tools and PML Datasets pages to help people find the data.
  • Tim will find good use case examples to base ours off of.


Tim: symmetry of PML owner to random PML finder.

Paulo says that we have been missing scope.

Lehigh bench mark for PML.


  • find out what we have
  • analysis of what we have (guide requirements)

(e.g., why is a construct we think is important not being used?)

Paulo is developing use cases.

TODO: Paulo to sendout TODO Tim refine use case fro the perspective of the FOO TODO - Tim and Cynthia have a followup conversation to

   a - get an understanding of why tim's pml does not load in iwbrowser
   b - get requirements for the validator
   this is expected to generate action items for validator updates that probably go onto cynthia's todo list (but might go on jiao's todo list)

Invalid URI -- http://logd.tw.rpi.edu/source/ars-usda-gov/file/national-nutrient-database-for-standard-reference/version/release-23/conversion/ars-usda-gov-national-nutrient-database-for-standard-reference-release-23.void, can not load individual

Stephan and foundational wants to create a table.

(Tim is planning to redo prov-xg's mapping table and get them to use it)

Paulo: We need validation across documents (by walking links)

Jim: aggregation of linked data is not linked data. (T: which use cases need linked data; which just want the descriptions?)

Li: Should the validator be our primary focus?

Paulo: can execu

TODO: req for layered PML is to support multiple versions. TODO: req is to align with FOO

REQUEST: Could Paulo describe what is in and out of scope of discussing Layered PML.

Tim, Nick, Jitin - discuss/define layered pml Tim, Cynthia - IW Browser Tim, Stephan, [Jitin, Nick] - foundational Paulo, Deborah - chat

Action items


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