IW Meeting 2011-01-13

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Meeting info


  • Tim
  • Cynthia
  • Paulo
  • Li (calling in)
  • Deborah (regrets)
  • Geoff (regrets)


  • paper status
    • progress from geoff and cynthia
    • Li will review our old aaai submission during this weekend
  • progress towards the layered pml
    • progress on layered PML 2.1 design

Previous Actions

  • Tim to explore 2.tim copy vs 2.lite.tim tiered.
  • team to pursue layered 2.1
  • Stephan to propose PML Foundation, Tim to help, Nick to help.
  • Paulo to contribute paragraphs to proof combination paper (not critical b/c paper falling behind)
    • working in logical world, but can be applied to realistic scenarios.
  • Paulo needs to touch base with Deborah to learn what is going on with the W3C Task Force on Provenance -- Paulo has not been contacted by any of the other members of the W3C Incubators Group so far to talk about a future W3C Provenance Task Force
  • ALL to review Provenance XG Final Report
    • anyone to provide their perspective on the report.
  • Nick, Stephan, Cynthia, Tim sync next week to design layered PML to anticipate FOO.
  • Tim to explore 2.tim copy vs 2.lite.tim tiered


Cynthia proof combining

Geoff: "I have completed my program, and Cynthia is now looking at how to integrates the new data into her proof combination system."

Geoff: "We are unlikely to make it in time for CADE. I'm now aiming for the PxTP workshop, whose deadline has not yet been announced."

Industry support for provenance WG

  • Delaying discussions for Deborah

PML 2.1 layered

Tim, Nick, Stephan

Paulo's homework: Decide who to add to effort (Nick, Jitin, both)

Nick knows tools, but going towards vis. Jitin going towards core provenance.

Use two meetings: a development meeting and an administrative meeting.

additional consideration: "ready for foo"

modules vs. layers (pmlp, pmlj are modules)

PML 2.1:

  • preparing it for FOO (concept list in prov-xg final tech report)
  • "layering" it (reorganizing existing constraints with affect on tools in mind)
  • adding handful of features to fulfill our short-term requirements

Tim's diagrams for provenance vocabs that prov-xg reviewed Tim waiting for SKOS instance data from prov-xg group.

Li: layering is related to inference and computation Li: conceptual vs. computational (FOO coverage and "layering")

considerations for sources of change to PML2.1:

  • IW's application needs (LOGD, UTEP, SPCDIS)
  • existing tools
  • FOO's developments

Meeting time next semester

stick to the current time slot unless someone has hard time conflict alternate every other week: admin and dev meetings

Remaining Agenda Items


  • Tim to publish prov vocab diagrams and email pointer
  • Tim to obtain prov-xg's skos instance data for vocab mappings.
  • Tim to send email verifying that 11am Thurs is a good time to meet. and alterantive admin/tech meeting every other week
  • Li and Cynthia to work out TPTP PR slides
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