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Meeting info


  • Tim
  • Paulo
  • Geoff
  • Cynthia


  • Li's ppt that we didn't cover during AGU meeting
  • W3C's FOO
  • Previous actions

Previous Actions

  • Tim to explore 2.tim copy vs 2.lite.tim tiered.
  • team to pursue layered 2.1
  • Stephan to propose PML Foundation, Tim to help, Nick to help.


Nick's visualization paper

NASA likes Nick's visualization work. Thinking about use cases.

Proof combination


  • short and dirty way to align formulas with skolem combination
  • by formulate vs set of formulae combination
  • writing new program that does set by set analysis to map skolem symbols introduced in reasoning process.
  • 1/3 done - a pretty big program.
  • will give to cynthia to incorporate
  • PAPER: will be hard stretched to meet 1 Feb deadline - may take fall back to submit to workshop on proof exchange at CADE, shoot for something heavier down track.
  • Geoff writing combination algorithm in prolog, giving compiled binary to Cynthia to run w/o interpreter.
    • Cynthia runs binary from within Java.
    • Paulo has module to provide PML from prolog (This may be used in the future if we need to explain some part of the combination work)
  • CNF leaves from one proofs may be in another CNF in another proof. Geoff will look at it.
  • Vampire(v06) writes FOF only and not CNF
  • Geoff will try to finish tomorrow.


  • UTEP not member of W3C, RPI is.
  • Paulo's role in the prov-xg
  • incubator group -> task force
    • incubator group give state of art final report (no language is complete enough to be a standard)
    • task force with charter to make provenance recommendations

Paulo recommends Nick, Stephan, Tim layered PML design to anticipate the FOO changes.

  • final report terms matches lots in PML.


  • read final report
  • consider concepts in end of report to reconcile with PML

Paulo: we should embrace FOO in place of PML and OPM.

  • FOO is not an acronym

Drupal provenance

spanning "document management" to "data management"

  • structured vs. unstructured.
  • biblio community has ways to cite, but data side it is harder to cite.

machine accessible vs. machine non-accessible

  • what about printing it out? no longer machine accessible.

concepts in SPAR, how can it be applied to content management system?

Remaining Agenda Items

  • Li's ppt that we didn't cover during AGU meeting


  • Paulo to contribute paragraphs to proof combination paper (not critical b/c paper falling behind)
    • working in logical world, but can be applied to realistic scenarios.
  • Paulo needs to touch base with Deborah to learn what is going on with the W3C Task Force on Provenance -- Paulo has not been contacted by any of the other members of the W3C Incubators Group so far to talk about a future W3C Provenance Task Force
  • ALL to review Provenance XG Final Report
    • anyone to provide their perspective on the report.
  • Nick, Stephan, Cynthia, Tim sync next week to design layered PML to anticipate FOO.
  • Tim to explore 2.tim copy vs 2.lite.tim tiered
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