IW Meeting 2010-10-21

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Meeting Info

IW Overall Objectives

     1) PML ontology: (OWL level only) potential non-monotonic  changes (Li) 
     2) PML practice  
         2.1) Use cases and examples (Tim) 
         2.2) RDF level issues (Cynthia) 
         2.3) PML Tools / API issues (Cynthia) 
         2.4) PML primer (Tim) 
     3) PML and OPM mapping (Paulo) 
     4) IW management (TBD)
        4.1) inference web infrastructure and research plan
        4.2) technologies for engagement 
     5) PML Graphical Notation


  • Tim
  • Cynthia
  • Paulo
  • Geoff (regrets)
  • Li (regrets)
  • Deborah (regrets)



<owl:ObjectProperty rdf:about="http://inference-web.org/2.0/pml-provenance.owl#hasReferenceSourceUsage"> <rdfs:label xml:lang="en">reference source usage</rdfs:label> − <rdfs:comment xml:lang="en"> Explain how this information is obtained from a source: by whom, when, which source and which part of the source. </rdfs:comment> <rdfs:domain rdf:resource="http://inference-web.org/2.0/pml-provenance.owl#Information"/> <rdfs:range rdf:resource="http://inference-web.org/2.0/pml-provenance.owl#SourceUsage"/> </owl:ObjectProperty>

Paulo - Tim Thursday:

  • SourceUsage becomes a subclass of InferenceStep (this preserves the uniformity)
  • SourceUsage (hasValue :Told) should have max 0 inferenceRule
  • deprecate hasSourceUsage

need to know when assertion was made.

  • SourceUsage has the time that it retrieved teh document, but it does not have the mod time of the source when it was retreived (it is asserted directly on the source and the source usage's context is lost).

Paulo: hasCreationDateTime should be different

made 2000 years ago, discovered 200 years ago, using right now to translate text.

rosetta hasCreationDateTime t-2000

[] pml:Information

 hasCreationDateTime t-200

Sometimes a SourceUsage does not have an InferenceEngine.

If coming from an static page, then no inference engine (a direct assertion).

if dynamic (db backend) - inference engine is an database.

most cases do not need any inference engine to get information from a source. some situations will have an inference engine.

e.g. getting information via person translator. Is it a source usage from the translator or is the translator the inference engine?

Previous action items

1 - cynthia publish 2.01 that has ONLY one change over 2.0 which is the range of hasInferenceEngine is now Agent (instead of inference engine) DONE

2 - we expect that we will still be in the 2.0 namespace

  • Paulo to send Tim examples motivating the promotion of Source Usage "next to" an inference step.
  • Cynthia to incorporate hasAuthor to 2.1 list
  • Cynthia to incorporate change the range of isFromEngine of Query to Agent request to 2.1 list
  • Cynthia to review PML-S ontology to see how it addresses the hasAuthor
  • Cynthia to add isRoot to 2.1 list - describe need/want
  • Paulo to provide pointer to PML-S proposal
  • Paulo to provide InformationContainer proposal
  • DONE Tim to provide SourceUsage promoted proposal (also needs example from Paulo)
  • DONE Tim to find Stephan's renaming proposal

Action items

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