IW Meeting 2010-05-20

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PML loading problem


I am hoping we can get at least a note from utep on the testing with the pml file that Stephan sent that were a challenge to load Cynthia could you also mention the issue you mentioned to me in email last night on the multiple type challenges for the browser for the Giovanni pml

Paulo's comment

 As explained last week, the pml file was not loading because probeit was running out of memory. 
 At he moment, ProbeIt does not support incremental loading of pml files since it has a number 
 of features that require global view of a trace. We haven't fixed the problem also because 
 it is unclear if this is particular proof is one of the following:
  - an example of one specific large proof
  - an example of a proof that is going to be much larger than this one
  - an example or a typical Giovanni proof

Related Issues

action items

  • in next meeting, we discuss whether RPI is going to join the development of ProbeIt for new features or wait for UTEP's response
  • Cythia provide a link to the small,hybrid proof in iwborwser
  • we will discuss multiple types of PML object
  • cynthia will contact stephan to learn what new features are needed in probeit, a mockup sceen dump will be useful
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