IW Meeting 2010-04-22

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  • svn update
  • tptp paper

SVN agreement

  • PML API go to google code hosting. http://code.google.com/p/inference-web/. access to the pml api code in google code is public and with not restriction and can be accesses through svn services. the number of committers is restricted and suggestions for improvements should be done through the 'issues' tracker also in google code
  • Just PML API on google code for now. as part of the inference web toolkit, pml api code has been distributed along with other applications. the inference web code in google code is going to be restricted to pml api code and code for other inference web components is going to be hosted elsewhere (for now).
  • release. the pml api would leverage svn version control and as such it would host several versions of the api. In this setting, a past version of the pml api is always going to be tagged as the stable version that tools based on the pml api are recommended to use. late versions are considered unstable.
  • regression test.we will start implementing a regression test mechanism for the pml api. code committment must pass regression test once the the test mechanism is in place


  • the issue of where the preferred place to publish pml is still outstanding
  • todo next week - discuss pml data publication and pml search/crawler thoughts
  • video for pml primer
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