IW Meeting 2009-12-03

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  • ideas and news on combined proof
  • critical path in combined proof

  • news on tree of life (joel)
    • it is a dag

  • news on another logician
    • graph similarity


  • negative impact (no longer a proof) if removed
  • finding redundant knowledge in axiom

  • check if any two proofs for the same problem (e.g. Agatha) using different sets of axioms - SUMO
    • PUZ
    • MIZAR (select one problem)
  • PUZ - similar behavior of logic reasoners using same intermediate formula

need owl sameas relation

iw:combine proof paper

PML ontology Update Request 1

PML Ontology Update Request 1

PML ontology Update Request 2

  • paulo: support partial answer (not yet complete) to a query
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