IW Meeting 2009-10-08

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1. TPTP-IW demo discussion Combine_and_Improve_TPTP_Proofs

  • cynthia update to EP 1.1
  • cynthia's rule naming issues
  • demo examples
    • EP1.1 was not helped by SOS, so Li changed to EP and Otter
    • Li also found EP and Faust helping each other
    • Does it make sense to check how different versions of EP helps each other?
  • is the demo page complete? shall we add more examples or start a new demo
  • demo page layout
    • ProbeIt links
    • Iwbrowser linking to other tools?
  • semantic equivalence, is "$false|$false" the same as "$false" ?


  • change graphics
    • invhouse for axioms (leaf node)
    • change direction of arcs
  • geoff will report EP and Faust
  • browser linking to other browser
    • local browser to iwbrowser, probeit
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